Day at Assembly Row


Welcome to an exclusive outlet village, ASSEMBLY ROW,
located in Medford, twenty minutes from Downtown Boston.
Orange Line takes you right where you need to be.
I mean only if you need to get there….otherwise orange line is a horrible choice.

If you got your pockets full of dough and you really are into that designer crap THIS IS YOUR PLACE.
Honestly speaking though, you don’t even need to be that insanely rich. You can find reasonably priced things if you know from where to look. The selection in sports gear is awesome, you can find pretty good deals from Puma, Adidas and Nike and if you’re more into pink girly things you can also find pretty fly fashion from Charlotte Russe.


If you get hungry during your shopping jamboree, worry not, since the area is also known for its’ awesome hip restaurants. For all the sports fans there is a modern sports bar called Tony C’s serving amazing foods and a wide selection of beers and other intoxicating beverages. Ice cream lovers are being pampered by old faithful J.P. Licks and Sugar Heaven is the home of incredible selection of candy.


Besides for having an awesome shopping experience, this place is suitable for having a romantic date.
Go see a 3-D Movie with your boo, eat a few hot dogs and drink a cider WHILE ENJOYING THE MOVIE, and relax on the lovely huge red leather-seat. Ah bliss.
After the movie take a quick look around at the small Legoland next door. You can’t really miss it, there’s a huge lego-giraffe watching over the whole Assembly Row square.

If the high class shops are too much for you, there’s a K-mart right next to the area. Keeps things balanced. At least I find more stuff from K-mart than from these outlet stores, but hey,
I’m broke as hell.
you should visit this place when in Boston.

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