Prudential Center


The tower of Prudential Center rises majestically towards the sky and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the Boston skyline.
Actually, Prudential Center is a shopping center downstairs the tower. The tower itself is called the Prudential Tower.
For some reason I just call the whole place Prudential Center. Because that’s how I roll.

The shopping possibilities of this place are awesome, just as high class as in Assembly Row,
everything looks beautiful and you can walk under a lovely glass ceiling. Seriously, everything is so high class that I always feel like human waste over there. My favorite store there is Barnes & Noble – the bookstore.
I could easily spend 1000 dollars and 100 hours there searching for something awesome to read and something cool to buy.

Approximately a week ago I had some friends over, and part of my first Fancypants-tour was held at the Prudential Center.
I took my Finnish visitors for some nice drinks on the 52nd floor, to a $$$ restaurant called Top of the Hub.
If you just want to enjoy the lovely sights of Boston, go on the 50th floor –> there’s a sky walk observatory. The skywalk costs something like 20$,
Top of The Hub doesn’t have an entrance fee, but you’ll probably just spend the 20$ on drinks.

Although the food and the drinks CAN be a bit pricey (choose wisely) they’re still awesomely delicious.
Most important thing here are the cocktails which are the shit, and an awesome selection of other drinks. Keeps you going.
If you’re in a luck you get a table and can check out the views while getting drunk.
Otherwise you just have to squeeze yourself on one of the bar stools and try to glance at the sky scrapers from behind the busy bartenders.

Even though the bartenders are usually super busy, the service is always friendly and they have time to answer (my) stupid questions like “What drink is that?” “Why does it look like that?” “Is it any good?” “Whats delicious and cheap?”

This tower is definitely one of the MUST VISIT-places in Boston.
My tip for you is to go and grab the drinks at sunset,
that’s how you’ll get to see the best of both worlds.
The city in a lovely warm daylight right before the night time and all the beautiful city lights.


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