MIAMI for a solo female traveller


I wanted to go to Miami to see if you can see the Cuban influences over there,
to swim in the beautiful sea and to do a day trip to Key West.
My main goal was to swim with dolphins, obviously, but because I did some stupid mistakes when counting my budget, I had to let that dream slip away from my fingers once more.

Well anyways, as I was traveling solo, I realized Miami might not just be the best solo destination.
Everywhere I went, I saw huge groups of people down to party and i was annoyed. DON’T GET ME WRONG!
I have nothing against partying,ย if anything I was utterly JEALOUS!
I wanted to have a crazy party group too, but no – I was alone and had to keep my explorer state of mind stone cold, ย and so i kept on searching what this party place could offer for a solo female traveler.

I stayed in a hostel called JAZZ ON SOUTH BEACH.
I wasn’t expecting much, and thank goodness I didn’t. Defo not FANCY.
This place wasn’t half as cool as the website let’s you believe. Like blegh…just so normal and plain.
I expect youth hostels to have a bit of personality! Even the reception girls seemed a bit bored.
It was difficult to meet new people and my room smelled funny….
….but the funny smell probably came from the 10 guys staying in my 12 ppl mixed dorm, where i was THE ONLY GIRL.
Bathroom door was a bit broken and didn’t lock. This could push someone over the edge but I was too tired to give a fuck.
Even though my male roomies smelled like teen spirit, they were lovely people (most of them). They didn’t make a mess in the room, and they stayed nicely in their beds when I was doing my beauty rituals in front of the mirror. Some of them were probably just overwhelmed by all the pink crap i had with me.

There were two guys who took my friendliness in the wrong way tho. They didn’t believe that I have a boyfriend and wanted to take me out drinking. Then they told me that it doesn’t matter if I have a bf cos we’re in Miami.
Uuuuunghhhh bleeghhh….so much for trying to socialize.



1. As i was wandering around the Ocean Drive in hopes of encountering the frozen daiquiri of my dreams I noticed something.
The bar promoters didn’t pay any attention to me walking there alone. All their energy went to the bigger groups, or couples. I was walking up and down the street trying to get someone to tell me about their happy hour offers but NADA.
If someone would’ve at least invited me in to one of those bars I think I would’ve spent my money there generously. But, their loss.
I was thinking, maybe i passed as a local? But then I laughed. No-one could never possibly mistake me as a local in Miami. I mean they’re all fit and tanned and just so energetic. I’m just a sweaty blob.

2. At night I was walking next to the clubs of Ocean Drive, and went a bit further to take some pics.
I didn’t notice at first but there were some guys stalking me and subtly following me when I walked further away from the crowd. That probably was nothing, maybe it was something, but i started feeling very unsafe.
So I quickly walked back to where all the action was and tried to find the lightest way back to the hostel.
3. Public transport in Miami SUCKS.
I’ll just leave this here. Nothing to say.
Except that I didn’t understand almost anything about the bus map.

4. Downtown was a bit mmeeh. It’s all about the beaches here.
Which is cool. But I was expecting more.
I would’ve needed a local tour guide to bring me to the best salsa places.

Next time I know what to do. I’m bringing my squad and we drink, tan and dance.
That’s what this place is all about.

If you’re a tough biatch you can totally survive there on your own.
I survived – but not 100% in the way I would’ve wanted to.
More pics and stories in my next post about Key West and the Everglades Alligator Tour!


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