A day in Key West

A day in the life of Maria.
Honestly it was just 6 hours in Key West. And three of those I spent snorkeling. Can’t complain tho.
It was one of the coolest days of my life.
Let me tell you how the day went……


My hostel in Miami South Beach wasn’t the best hostel in the world, but they sure did have some amazing tours to offer.
I took the trip to KEY WEST.
“Over there I could fulfill my dream of swimming in the beautiful light blue waters and continue my favorite game of all time: Pretending I’m Ariel.” I thought, and so before I even noticed, I was sitting on a bus next morning at 6.AM towards the southernmost point of continental USA.

There was one minus point though. One thing I totally overlooked. The drive to this magical place would take like 5 hours!
It’s “only” like 250km away from Miami, but the bus made so many detours that I just wanted to kill myself.
Sometimes I can get a little impatient, but who doesn’t. Really.
As much as I hate sitting on a bus, I was in luck,
not because my mp3 battery was full,
but because no-one sat next to me (its a finnish thing) PLUS THE SIGHTS WERE AMAZIIIIING.



So after the exhausting bus ride I was finally there. And god it was scorching hot!
My CVS sunscreen spray failed me and my shoulders burned and I could feel my skin peeling.

But again, lets leave all the complaining aside, because the place was just SO UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!
Just what I dreamed about, little more touristy than I wanted, but still marvelous.
I didn’t have much time to look around at this point, because I was in a hurry to find my snorkeling squad.
My tour guide wasn’t very helpful on this matter. He just dragged me and to other girls to the harbor and shouted “You’ll meet the snorkeling team on that catamaran” and pointed aimlessly somewhere. And at the harbor there was at least 30 different catamarans.




We found the right boat as you can see from the pics. And the trip was just breathtakingly awesome.
I finally could be one with the sea. Once I had my snorkeling gear on, I jumped off the boat and started swimming towards Cuba.
I saw so beautiful fish and so amazing corals I wanted to cry. When I saw something truly amazing I just sighed “Wow” and totally forgot I’m not supposed to try to speak or to breathe through my nose. I had to look up a few times just to clear my snorkeling mask and to see if I was already too far away from everyone else.
I was.
I was the only one who went far away, the others stayed closer to the catamaran. I was happy with my solitude and companionship with the sea. I had a third wheel with me though, my beloved swimming noodle, that could’ve saved me from drowning if my body suddenly would’ve decided to fall asleep.

But then I just went back under the surface of the aqua and started humming the songs of Little Mermaid.
After all the hardcore swimming, we could enjoy complimentary tequila-margaritas and beers on deck!



Taste the amazing Key Lime Pie! I had it and it was like heaven.  You can take your Key Lime with you and just go wandering around. You can for example walk to the landmark of the southernmost point.
I went there on foot even though I was melting, but it was worth it. Usually there’s a long line of tourists waiting for their turn to take the majestic shot of the statue (and apparently its not really even the most southern point! but who cares, I was almost in Cuba) but again I had some luck and there was only 5 people before me. And one of them took my pic. Success.

There are lots of cute cafes, restaurants, small shops and just beautiful houses in the area. Stroll around peacefully and don’t forget to spot the tiny chickens running around everywhere. They’re like the bosses of the place. “We rule here”.

Lovely place, and I’d recommend a day trip for anyone any day.



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