Hauntingly Beautiful NEW ORLEANS

Ahhh…New Orleans.
This place has been one of my dream destinations since I first became obsessed about music and vampires. When I heard about the crazy parties and delicious daiquiris it was a done deal. NOLA was booked.
As my funds were super limited, I spent most of my time over there just on walking around and meeting awesome travelers at my hostel. This turned out to be the best decision of my trip.

I stayed in a hostel called India House for Backpackers which is a super awesome place to stay if you’re low on money, if you love a “summer campy” feeling, you enjoy rustic and gypsy inspired decorations and want to meet new people easily.
You know what? I’ll just write a short review about the hostel, ok? Coming up on my next post.
So let’s keep the story going….
….On my first day in NOLA I decided to just simply look around and eat a little something. I walked all the way to the French Quarter and of course got a bit thirsty.
Now, my beautiful fellow alcoholics, if you’re into frozen drinks (or alcohol in general) you MUST TRY New Orleans Daiquiris. They’re the bomb and there’s probably over 20 flavors to choose from. I chose raspberry cream.
One thing you can’t do here in Boston, (or in Finland, or almost anywhere)ย is that you just put your booze in a plastic cup and start casually wandering here and there. For me this was the best thing ever and soon I found myself sitting on a nice bench looking at the river Mississippi with my new best friend – Miss Pink Big Easy Daiquiri.



The famous area of French Quarter was as beautiful as I imagined. All the gorgeous houses with the balconies and people playing fabulous music on the streets. I had a big stupid smile on my face as I was so thrilled to be there. And because I had just destroyed a huge ass daiquiri. All the different styles of music melted into just one crazy sounding musical soup which gave me a good rhythm to start walking on. All the over prized voodoo and gift shops just went by my eyes and finally I saw it. The sign of Bourbon Street. The street full of bars and pubs. Where it smells like pee and people invade the street.
I just had to check it out.


I didn’t wanna take my camera with me when I went there second time at night. There’s SO MUCH PEOPLE that it’s crazy. It’s so slow to move around there, that if you’re not drunk – you’ll get annoyed by the crowd. I wasn’t drunk because I wanted to stay conscious and document my experience, but I’m not gonna lie either, obviously I was tipsy.

French Quarter had totally changed from day time! Now as it was dark I could truly see and imagine all the spookiness and scary things happening there. I felt there probably were vampires lurking at every corner. It was so hot during the day that now all the streets were surrounded by mysterious smog. I was so happy I wasn’t alone!
For a person with a wild imagination I’d recommend taking the nighttime haunted tours (they offer those on every corner) because this place really brings history alive. There’s just something in the air. It’s a strange atmosphere.




My last day in Nola was a food day. I had a small group of people from my hostel with me and we decided to do some super touristy things. We started queuing to this famous cafe (pic above) and the queue was loooooong. It would’ve taken us hours to get in. But then we met this other couple, and they told us a secret which I will now shout to everyone who reads this: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE! JUST GO IN! ITS SEAT YOURSELF TYPE OF CAFE BUT IDIOTS JUST WANNA QUEUE I GUESS.
Sorry, too much caps lock? I apologize.
Cafe du Monde is famous for its beignets, which are basically just sugar covered dough. Tasted a bite, wasn’t impressed, but got to mark a box on my to do list. So yay – I guess.

Other lovely foods I had were: Cajun spiced mac n cheese,ย alligator sausage bites, and deep fried catfish. You should also try everything Cajun spiced.


After a fabulous lunch it was time for voodoo museum. Entrance was 5$. I wouldn’t have paid any more.
It was literally just two rooms full of voodoo crap. I wish I would’ve felt something, but I was like blegh.
I’m really interested about things like that, but that place wasn’t just for me. I would’ve needed more authenticity or bigger rooms or that the place would’ve been somewhere in the swamps.
Now there was like 20 people all running into each other trying to read the small captions of tiny portraits.
But what’s done is done – I even gave a small sacrifice gift to one of the voodoo gods. It made me feel at least something after all I guess.ย DSC_0560

What more can I say….My stay in New Orleans was as perfect as it could’ve been. I did the things I really wanted to (since my daily budget was like 30$) and I met awesome people and got to see what all the hype is about.
I’m most definitely returning and then I’m gonna dress up as a sexy vampire and sing my blues to the world.

– The awesome atmosphere
– All that JAZZ
– Architecture
– Swamps
– Tasty food
– Lovely Daiquiris hahhah



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