My Hollywood Quickie

Totally not what you would think.
Unless you’re thinking about spending just 3 days in LA, then you’re correct.
That’s what I call a quickie.


Actually, I only had 2 days in LA.
The third day went completely in Disneyland (I regret nothing) and on the fourth one I already had to leave. Meeeh.
At first I was supposed to have 3 days in LA and one at Disney, but United Airlines decided to ruin my plans by delaying my flight for 9 hours. So I arrived to my hostel 10 hours later than planned and day one was wasted.

I slept quite well on the plane to LAX, so I was already up at 7AM the next morning.
I went downstairs to the hostel lobby and asked if there still was room on the sightseeing tour they offered. There was.
I tried to look fabulous during that day but there was absolutely no way I could hide my travel worn appearance.
So I wore my jet lagged face with grace.

The sightseeing bus took me to the most famous sights of Hollywood such as the walk of fame, celebrities houses on Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive, blah blah….
I don’t know why I even wrote that “blah blah” there cos what the hell, I WAS SUPER EXCITED. I saw Michael Jackson’s old house, Bruno Mars’ house, so many cool crazy ass rich people houses!




Visiting Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills made me realize that I’m just a poop.
I couldn’t afford to buy even a rain coat from that stupid rich people fantasy shopping street.
Our tour guide told us that only 1% of the visitors there actually buy something.
So I guess I’m not alone, there are other poops in the world who are poor just like me.
Still…I hope some day I could dress up fancy in a Dior dress and be like What’s up bitches.



The drive on Mulholland drive was interesting also because of the Hollywood sign.
I already had this vision in my brain with me looking absolutely smashing, making the cute peace sign, and the HOLLYWOOD letters just shining brightly behind me.
Well, there was one point I didn’t pay attention to. THE EFFING LA SMOG! GOOOODDDDDDD!
Just look at the city. No, not those buildings in the front. The ones you barely see back there because of the fog.
The dream of having artsy fartsy pics of the Hollywood sign and the city died as fast as my phone battery.

After the tour it was time to head back to my hostel. There was a night of FREE TACOS, FREE ALCOHOL and KARAOKE.  My kind of place! It was called the Banana Bungalow, btw, if anyone is interested.


I really liked my hostel. It was right down the Hollywood Boulevard and when I stepped outside the hostel I could already see all the stars of all the famous people, and were able to stomp on them and just casually walk over them like an everyday local Hollywood person would do.

I wish I would’ve had more time to browse around the Hollywood area, but I got a good glimpse on what it can be,
and good notes about where to go if and when I return.
But as you know, my time and funds were limited, so I had to say goodbye to Hollywood and I headed to Venice Beach.



You can check my Venice Beach pics and Disneyland pics from following posts!
This one would’ve been too long if I added those in this one as well.

For what I experienced during my short stay in Hollywood, I’d recommend this place for people who are highly interested in pop culture and want to see all the action!


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