India House for Backpackers – The “review”

This isn’t really a review…I’m just telling you what it was like because
India House for Backpackers is by far the best hostel I’ve ever been to.
If you don’t have time or interest to read my story just check the hostel by yourself from this link, or just visit the hostel in person!

I arrived to New Orleans on a muggy Friday morning. I found the hostel easily, because the instructions on getting there which I found from their website were super helpful. I took a bus from the airport and made it quite close to the hostel.
Also the bus driver felt the need to help me since he thought Finland is part of Russia and is very poor and cold.
When I finally stepped my foot inside the hostel I was amazed. It was just as gypsy and warm as I had imagined.
The owner gave me a good tour around the lot and the more I found out about the place – the more I liked it.

I had booked a 18 people mixed dorm and I was anxiously waiting for the result.
It turned out to be like a dormitory HALL.Β There was lots of space, air condition, and beautiful dark wooden floors. There were 3 bathrooms or maybe even 4. Just in our dormitory!
The room was full of people when I went there so I was left with a top bunk. I hate top bunks.
But the owner said if I see a good bed opening – just claim it. After 1st night the girl who was sleeping below me left, so i got the lower bunk for the rest of my stay!
I don’t have any pics of the dorm because I am stupid, but trust me. It was great.


A huge ass patio, a swimming pool, kitchen for your own use, tons of fridges to store your beverages in, super comfy common rooms in the main building….
The swimming pool was seriously too good to be true. On my first day, after 5 hours of strolling around the town in scorching hot weather, it felt like heaven to dive in the pool.
After my pool action I heated up my ramen and went outside on the patio to eat. Suddenly I was surrounded by many other travelers and like me – most of them were traveling alone! I ended up making like 5 new friends just by sitting there and sharing travel stories, while eating my 30 cent noodles.
The patio was amazing place to sit and chill and talk. They served breakfast and dinner there and I saved sooo much money by just eating at the hostel. They made local meals and they were absolutely delicious.


The atmosphere of this hostel is just amazing. It’s like being on a summer camp where everyone becomes friends just like that and then they all sing lovely songs together and get drunk and fall in love with each other. I witnessed two holiday romances and even some drama while stalking the actions of other people. Things get super interesting when you just throw a bunch of young adults from different countries to a crazy youth hostel in one of the most insane cities in the world.
I guess at least at that point when the sun sets, mostly everyone is drunk, which adds its own magic to everything.

One night it was pouring rain, so me and like 20 others partied on the patio listening to the rain and getting to know each other. I really felt like being part of a group there even I was traveling alone.


I have never really stayed in real hotels while traveling. I have lived in hotels but that’s a whole another story.
Everytime when I travel, I have chosen hostels as the form of accommodation. And this is the winner.
This was luxury for me. Comfy bed, swimming pool, all the attractions nearby….
I had a good nights sleep every night during my stay and the bed was super comfortable. Nothing disgusted me here. Only downside was that the towels cost 5 bucks. But oh well, I got me a new towel so can’t complain.
It’s partly because of this place that I enjoyed my time in New Orleans so freaking much.
I shall return.



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