“Don’t use the subway – you’ll get murdered!” AKA How I got to Venice Beach

I wanted to do a day trip from Hollywood to Venice Beach – and as I didn’t have a car – I had to turn to public transport.
I found out that going to VB is quite simple, few subway stops and then a bus drive. I read online you should never use the buses or subways in LA unless you wanna get killed. Now, does anybody wanna get killed? I don’t think so.
Still, public transport was my only option – since hitch hiking is much worse option in my opinion.

I had a pretty good vibe about the town so I took my chances. And obviously I’m still alive.


I left my lovely bungalow and headed to the subway station. I found the right lane right away and a few people actually thought I knew something about the system and started asking for directions. Funny.
I had memorized my route by heart just in case. I knew exactly on which stop to hop off.
But sometimes I have small strokes and I lose all the sense from my brain,
so I jumped out of the train two stops too early. Classy me.
I found myself wandering around the barrios of (which I assume was) West Hollywood and I realized that this is probably not the best area to stroll around as a clueless tourist.


I googled my location and found out there was a bus coming
and going directly to Venice Beach. I hopped on and sat comfortably on the slimy sweaty seat.
After a couple of minutes I realized the bus was not going to Venice. It was going to downtown LA.
It took me a few minutes to keep calm and not to scream out loud, but magically I got through of all the “Fuck my life”-thoughts in my brain.
I decided to find another bus…and soon I found one!
It said “Venice”. Can’t go wrong with this one I thought.
The bus went on for another two stops, and the driver said “This is the last stop”
WHAT THE HELL! I told him I thought this was going to Venice Beach. He laughed and told me there’s a direct bus going in five minutes from behind the corner.


Now, “behind the corner” could’ve meant anything. Who knows what there COULD HAVE BEEN. Murderers, gun gangs, prostitutes, dead rats, free candy…
But I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to let my brain warn me about all these stupid things. I ran “behind the corner”
and saw the RIGHT BUS STOP.
And then the RIGHT BUS arrived.
…..The drive to VB took 2 hours and I died on the bus.

DSC_0648 (1)

I was so hungry and tired and sweaty and everything from the exhaustion of getting there.
But the place looked wonderful. Lovely beach boulevard full of souvenir shops, small diners, beach stuff, street music, cool action. I bought a small pizza slice and started stalking people.
I didn’t really do anything over there. I just enjoyed my time at the beach.
Hanging out with the creepy seagulls.



The most important thing is that I made it there and back, safe and sound, despite all of those threads online where people try to scare you by telling how dangerous it is to travel in LA.
“You’ll get murdered in the subway. Someone will shoot and rob you in the bus. You’ll never survive if you accidentally step in the wrong neighborhoods.” All of these things have a little bit truth in them, of course. But you don’t have to believe everything blindly. Be street smart.


Traveling solo is not scary unless you make it scary.
Use common sense. Avoid the places your brain tells you to avoid. If you don’t know where you’re going – ask!
If you’re afraid to ask from random people – find the nearest store or hotel.
Don’t believe all the things they write on the internet. Find it out on your own.
But don’t be stupid.



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