Bright Colors & Loud Music = HONK!

If you’d happen to be in Boston next year around this time, here’s a little travel tip for you.
Go to Davis Square when “HONK! A Festival of Activist Street Bands” is in town.
I mean if you’re into that sort of music and stuff.

I didn’t know what to expect from the event. I was told it feels like New Orleans came to Somerville, with all the sounds and colors.
Well, that statement wasn’t too far from the truth.


Acoustic and mobile, these bands play at street level, usually for free, with no stages to elevate them above the crowd and no sound systems or speaker columns to separate performers from participants. These bands don’t just play for the people; they play among the people and invite them to join the fun. They are active, activist, and deeply engaged in their communities, at times alongside unions and grassroots groups in outright political protest, or in some form of community-building activity, routinely performing and conducting workshops for educational and social service organizations of all kinds.

At full power, these bands create an irresistible spectacle of creative movement and sonic self-expression directed at making the world a better place. This is the movement we call HONK!

If you wanna read more about HONK! from their actual website, just click here.Β 



The streets of Davis Square (Somerville) were filled with awesome brass music last Saturday.
Street bands from all over the United States were playing their beats around Somerville.
I really loved this party. People were dancing on the streets, smiling to each other,
wearing bright colored crazy clothes and the bands were playing awesome music.
From very gypsy-like sounds to the brass versions of today’s booty shaking songs – I enjoyed it all.
Many of the bands and visitors were waving around flags with catch phrases for good causes such as “End Islamophobia”
and “Stop Gun Violence”.



I was jealous of the performers for wearing such amazing outfits.
I told my friends I wish I knew people were dressed like that I would’ve worn something crazy as well!
But apparently its just a performer thing to wear the brightest colors in the world. Like, totally understandable. You gotta stand up from the crowd.
Maybe next year I’ll be one of the performers. I just gotta join a street band. And of course master the skill of playing the saxophone or some kind of horn…
I have 12 months time now!

Anyways, the atmosphere was fantastic. People were dancing around, some even climbing on the trees to see the bands better. I didn’t wanna just stay still, so I wandered around listening to different bands song after song.
My favorite bit of the day was the awesome bombastic brass-version of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.
Everyone was dancing to the majestic beats while singing along. I guess that’s one of those songs that everyone knows even if they necessarily wouldn’t like that song. But I do and I did and everything was fantastic.



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