Feeling Homesick?

Living in a new country?
Feeling a bit lonely and left out every now and then?
Missing your best buddies and family back home?
Don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

Even though I enjoy my life abroad and my Facebook page is full of happy life-praising posts,
sometimes I miss my home so bad I just can’t take it.
That’s the part I choose not to show to the public, but now I wanna share some of my tips on dealing with your sad brain
while living away from your “real” home.


I’ve read some articles on what to do when you miss your home, and most of them say NOT to keep that much contact with your family. Lol what?
I mean – obviously don’t suffocate yourself with Skype calls etc, you gotta live your life and enjoy your time!
But still, in MY OPINION, you should try to be a part of your circles’ everyday lives by stalking them on Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp and having annoying bad connection Skype Calls once in a while.
What I also do,
is that I send post cards, letters and small gifts to people I miss. It’s nice to let them know I’m thinking about them – plus writing, and shopping for nifty gifties is a fantastic way to spend your time.This way you won’t feel like everything’s changed when you finally go back home, and
your friends are probably more interested in your stuff too when you pay attention to them plus you have a reason to be online all day!

What would you do now if you were home? Netflix and chill by yourself? You got it girlfriend!

When I was working as an entertainer I was super super busy all the time – I didn’t have time to think about anything.
I worked from 9AM til 11PM most days and that was the life. When I was homesick, I just went to the beach and that’s it.

At the moment my life is going in a much slower pace and there’s not a beach in sight, which kinda freaked me out at first, cos I had too much time to think about life and space.
Now, I’ve started creating a good routine for myself, but I’d still need more stuff to do – I want to be busy.
What to do? Start exercising! Practice your favorite sport, or just walk around outside.
Find out about other interesting activities and some social hook ups! I’ve started saving up some money for some nice hobbies, and I think you should too!
After an exhausting  weekend, or busy day it’s also nice to just stay in, buy some candy and watch horrible Finnish TV-shows online. And guess what? I love it.

Is someone coming to visit you? Nice events happening in the near future?
Once you’ve got your routines down and you’re over the honeymoon-phase of living in a new country – it’s easy to get a bit bored. That’s why its important to stay active (like mentioned before) and make some plans!
Buy a calendar and write down the upcoming amazing things you’re about to do!
Wanna go see other cities? Your favorite musicians coming to town?  Some cool parties to attend to?
Write that shit down and start saving some money!

In Spain my happy place was the beach – surprised much?
Over here in Boston my fave places are small cozy pubs, where I can drink my cider and read my book in peace
and my new discovery – a local swimming pool and sauna.
Once you find your sanctuary life gets super fabulous.

Sounds easier than it actually is – unless you’re some crazy extrovert small talk genius.
I SUCK at small talk and usually seem like I could care less of the people I’m talking to (I could go on and on about why I am like this, but this is not the topic for it). BUT when you find the people you wanna chill out with, everything becomes more bearable. If you have someone to pour your heart to or drink and complain together – a magical friendship is GUARANTEED!
Good places for finding new temporary friends are pubs. Just sit by the counter and BOOM – you’ve got company.

Even if sometimes you’d like to stop everything and just go home – you gotta tell yourself:
Go to TripAdvisor and start going through the Top 20 things to do in your area,
Ask locals about hidden gems, compare restaurants, try new cocktails,
find about new events and cool stuff to do! I mean those are the reasons why I’m traveling/living abroad in the first place! Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you’re still just a tourist.

Take amazing photos, cool selfies (that all of your friends hate), write your experiences down, download everything to instagram and facebook…
And when you look back on the pics you took and stuff that you wrote, you get to think – wow I did all that stuff!
Sometimes you just need to take a look at your journey from another person’s point of view.

Live in the moment before it passes you by!
Did I leave something out? Tell me your life hacks!


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