Restaurant Experience: MOKSA (Naga)

Central Square is an amazing place to spend your evening at.
Whether you wanna go out on a fancy date with you boo or just chill and be cool with your besties –
you should defo consider Central Sq as your go to-place.
Live music in every other bar, delicious food all around you, queues to the most popular places,
no queuing to surprisingly good restaurants…TOO MANY CHOICES! OMG WHERE TO GO?
This time we chose the Asian fusion food place: MOKSA
So, Moksa wasn’t our first choise for the night – since we wanted to go to this other place where they play jazz and you can pretend you’re a high class human being.
Well, they probably saw right through us and told us the wait is far too long for us to get a table. Screw you then.
Lucky for us, Central Sq. is full of nice Asian restaurants so we were not that pissed off.
We saw the logo of Moksa staring at us from the distance and we decided to go in.

Moksa, or maybe its’ official name is NAGA, consists of three areas: lounge, restaurant and nightclub.
Everything looks super modern and cool, there’s led lights and leather chairs,
tasty drinks that’ll get you drunk and tasty tasty TASTY food.


Even tough it was a busy Friday night, we didn’t have to wait for a table – we got seated right away.
We didn’t have to wait for the service, we got all our drinks and dishes on time. Special shout out to one of the waiters, Santos, who didn’t laugh at our stupid order which could’ve fed a small village.
He understood we’re hungry people. Which we honestly were.

I don’t know if it was my hunger, but the food tasted like heaven. We ordered tuna dumplings, duck rolls, ginger rolls and kung pao-chicken. Amazing. All of these dishes had a special flavor of its own and combined with some wine and their signature cocktails…there’s only one word: #blessed
Also, I got a bit tipsy.


Moksa also offers the possibility to enjoy some Hookah action. I mean is this cool or what?
You can pick the prettiest Hookah from the bunch after 9PM and hang around with it in the Lounge area.
After a scrumptious meal and a few drinks – what’s better than just sit and chill while blowing out some smoke and drink some more.

I hope next summer they’d have some sort of terrace area where to drink and sit with a hookah. Right now it’s a little bit cold for nonsense like that. That’s just an idea though.
I had a lovely night and the staff made sure we had everything we needed.
Nothing to complain about, this place is definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the Central area and can’t decide where to spend your night!

Take it from me, the Hungry Food Critic.
(Not a Yelper though)



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