Downeast Cider House

Is cider your drink of choice? Or fancy some alcohol just for the sake of it?
If you’re hanging around in Boston area and run out of things to do – here’s one awesome tip:
Visit the Downeast Cider House – the fantastic indie Boston cider brewery!

Needless to say – I got pretty tipsy and had an amazing time.
So, without any further ado, here’s some pics and stuff from my
Cider House experience!


Cider is my go to-drink if there’s no vodka and mixers in sight.
My fist encounter with Downeast Cider was last winter. I ordered cider and expected to have this normal generic apple cider.
Boy was I wrong! It tasted like fruit punch! YUM-MY.
You can hardly taste the alcohol in this cider, which is super dangerous, but good if you’re up for an adventure like that.
So obviously I had to visit the home of this amazing beverage.

There are quite many breweries in the Boston area, but I specifically wanted to visit a cider house.
The Downeast Brewery is a bit hard to reach if you don’t have an access to a car, since it’s in a warehouse area in the middle of nowhere in Charlestown.
But hey, isn’t this what Uber drivers are for?
Even our driver was like “Uhm…where are you going?”
Downeast is a rather new company, like 5 years old, so no wonder even some Bostonians have never heard of it.



“Is this a brewery or is this a bar?”
I didn’t think there’d be much people over there. I was sure we’d just arrive there just in time for the first tour.
I mean, everyone likes beer in this country right, not cider?
But I was wrong – the place was PACKED!

And I know why, it’s not only a brewery.
Inside there’s an awesome, a little hipster, lounge area with some board games and Downeast merchandise to buy.
We had to wait for about an hour for our tour to start,
so we killed our time by sitting at the counter tasting new fabulous intoxicating cider flavors. Poor us. Drinking the day away.
Shout out to Byron (or something) for thinking that it’s great that I’m from Finland, and treating us with some free drinks Β – this made us pretty tipsy just in time for the tour.




The tour itself was short but fun. Plus it’s totally free.
We learned about the brewing process and Β the history of the company.
Interesting stuff, explained in a lively way. I’m not gonna lie though, obviously the most interesting part were the free samples which we got quite many during the tour.
Seriously by the end of the tour I couldn’t pay anymore attention to what the guide was saying cos I was too busy thinking what to drink next.
KNOW THIS: The samples during the tour are free! You gotta pay for your drinks at the bar. The drinks are like 5$ though, so you won’t get bankrupt. My favorite flavor was cranberry.



After the tour we just stayed in the lounge for a couple more drinks. That sealed my destiny and I ended up being totally wasted at 3PM. Oh the times.

All in all I was truly happy I decided to visit this cider house, since all the staff,
the atmosphere and the surroundings were just simply awesome.
I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes to try new drinks out and well, likes to drink.

Now I gotta learn to love beer and next time I’ll visit a beer brewery – to see if it’s anything alike!



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