Two Nights in NYC

So guys! I FINALLY DID IT! I went to New York, the Big Apple, the City that never sleeps – and obviously I loved it.
Two nights is way too short time to see and do everything that you want – but I got a good glimpse of what the city has to offer.
I had to be sure to make mental notes on what to do the next time
cos OBVIOUSLY I gotta come back.


We left Boston on Friday morning, and traveled with GoBuses (approx 4hrs from Boston to NYC, they offer WiFi but it doesn’t allow Youtube videos or Netflix, and the power sources were broken s0…yeah)
The bus left us at Penn Station in Manhattan and from there we explored our way to our accommodation destination.

I stayed in Bronx with my booboo John. We found an awesome deal via Air BNB and even though the neighborhood was a bit sketchy – the apartment was great. No complaints whatsoever, except that the bedroom mirror made me look even chubbier than I actually am (it made me keep it short on the sweets that weekend) and that the streets smelled a little like cat pee and a huge beer bottle fell almost on John’s head while we were walking back to the apartmetnt on Saturday night.
But yeah, rather than that everything was A-OKAY.

The main goal for the Friday night was just to stroll around Downtown and let the big city vibe take control. We got off from the train and immediately I saw the most perfect shop for clothes: Strawberry. So I had to buy some things. Duh.
After I had driven John crazy with my shopping spree, we headed to the Rockefeller Plaza/Center (whatever it is) and we saw the famous Christmas tree, the ice skating rink, the huge tourist masses, PLUS we just casually walked inside the ย “30 Rock” and tried to see if we could sneak in to any shows. Too bad there were guards everywhere.


After this I was informed that we were about to reach my dream place: the Times Square. All the crazy lights, all the craziness, Broadway, comedy clubs…It was everything I had imagined and more. Despite the 100000 other people in there I was speechless of how awesome AND DIFFERENT compared to Finland (and Boston) the city is.

We went to see some stand up comedy very extempore, and got ourselves a little tipsy in there. After that we stumbled upon a nice bar in Hell’s Kitchen (an area I defo need to see more btw) and smoked some hookah.


Saturday was supposed to be our main sightseeing day, since it was the only full day we had there. I wanted to do a bus tour and take the ferry to Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty.
Well, the gods of weather decided that naaaah bitch,
and it started raining like crazy and got super cold.

Actually, we were in Central Park when it started pouring. Like what the hell. Then, when we were one drop away of getting totally pissed off – we decided to spend the money we had saved up for tourist traps, to a fancy brunch on Upper West Side. It was goooood. After our lovely frozen margaritas, we just danced through the Central Park to the East Side (Yo)and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Because we are the fanciest people on earth.




The MET was wonderful, even though it was not on my to do list. So much beauty in the artworks and the architecture.
I didn’t want to admit, but the lack of time (and the crappy weather) got me super overwhelmed, because I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do in the city of my dreams. I got a bit upset, because the stay didn’t go as I planned. I usually don’t really planย what to do on my trips, but this time all was super clear to me – and it obviously turned against me.

What I learned is to never set your mind to something completely when you travel! I have never been so naive about a city before that I think that everything will go exactly how I imagined and now it just makes me laugh. Guess I had a 48 hour stroke or something.
But the thought that keeps me from flipping out, (and just cherishing the good extempore memories I’ve made), is that New York is not going anywhere – it’ll always be there and I can go back next year and do the things I missed this time.



-Everyone always says that “Ohh no, don’t go to New York, it smells awful and is super dirty.” Obviously its not the cleanest city in the world but what can you expect? Some trash bags here and there didn’t bother me, or the smells of different kitchens combined with the funky pollution gases. It actually reminded me a bit of Shanghai…which isn’t the healthiest city in the world either, but yeah, it didn’t bother me.
-If you’re into karaoke, visit TONIC CLUB in Times Square.
Awesome up to date song collection AND their ice cream drinks are the BOMB!
-To avoid the large masses on Times Square, hit the spot after midnight.
Majority of the places are still open but there’s a lot less people on your way!
-To totally avoid the touristy places just walk a few blocks away from the immediate city center. There are nice ย normal priced clubs and restaurants here and there
-The Subway is the fastest form of transportation
-Note to Self: BE COOOOOL! And if your stupid brain wants to make plans, remember to make plans B, C and D as well! Chill ouuuuttt….

Next time I hit the town I’m gonna spend at least 3 full days in there. Or two full days. I’m gonna do the tourist things that I wanted and I’M SO GONNA SEE THAT STUPID STATUE.


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