Christmas is coming!

Omg omg omg omg omg!
I feel like Will Ferrell in Elf, just as excited and overwhelmed about Christmas. I’m doing Santa’s business, listening to Christmas songs on my Mp3-player, I even decorated my room with some cheap Xmas crap.
And next week I’m going to Finland. To the real Christmasland.

I wanted to get the authentic Christmas-feeling already here in Boston, but it’s a bit difficult since some days are so warm you don’t even need a jacket (“It’s a New England thing”) and there’s definitely not even a chance of snow.
But, luckily, the Swedish are so proud of the Nordic Christmas, soย SWEA, Swedish Womenโ€™s Educational Association Inc., held a Yuletide Market for all of Boston to see how we celebrate Christmas in the north.


Swedish Yule market, if you’ve ever been to a Scandinavian or Finnish indoors Christmas market you know what I’m talking about.
Small businesses selling their decorations and artwork with higher prices than they normally would, food is expensive because everyone needs it, and you can’t move without accidentally smacking someone with your purse or your finger.

…..But guess what, it really was a lovely event, the venue looked cool and everything was lovely.
However, like I kind of mentioned before, they sure know how to make money.ย I mean the entrance alone was 10$ which was a little too high in my honest opinion. I understand that the organization needs to pay rent for the venue and everything but 10 dollars….5 would’ve been better.

Everything else was super pricey too. My favorite Finnish candies were too expensive for some serious hoarding. I would’ve been heart broken if I didn’t go visit Finland in a few days lol .



The atmosphere was exactly how I imagined though. I didn’t need to buy anything else than a little bit of candy so I was all set. I could just enjoy the surroundings.
Different scents coming from cinnamon rolls, cheese, rye bread and PEPPARKAKOR , with the combination of my favorite Xmas Carols almost brought me to tears since I started thinking about Christmas and my home.

I will be the happiest person in the world once I’m laying on the couch of my parents’ living room, eating freshly baked pastries, and watching home alone on TV. That’s Christmas right there.
Oh no wait, that sounds too idyllic.
Usually there’s also some kind of minor disaster that everyone gets freaked out from.
Like this one Christmas it was “the wine-stain episode”.
No person in the world has ever googled so quickly HOW THE FUCK TO GET RED WINE OUT OF A CARPET, and everyone was angry for a while.
Ahhhh Christmas.


Aaaanyway, now that I’m all over from my flasback-moment I had there
I must say the Swedish Yule Market was a successful event.
If I didn’t have the chance to go home for Christmas, this would’ve been my life saver right here.
The choirs sang beautifully, all the decorations looked fantastic and all the food (especially IKEA meatballs ahahahah) was scrumptious!

I totally get why there were so many people in there. It’s a lovely way of bringing people together and feel like home for a while.
This event also showcases awesomely to other nationalities how so many of the Xmas cliches are actually true and come from the cold north, where Santa Claus legit lives.


Stay tuned!




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