Travel Plans for 2016


And Happy New Year to each and every single one of you.
How has your year been so far? All good? And if not, don’t worry – it’s gonna get better. I know.

The year 2015 was pretty good for me. I moved to Boston, traveled a bit around USA, learned about American life – especially about Massachusetts life, and created my alter ego – Miss Fancypants, which lead me to give birth to this blog.

12459559_10153806837945842_1255407307_n (1)

2016 looks pretty busy to me. I’m ready to see new places already, but still I’m not quite done with Boston just yet.
USA is going to occupy me until June and then it’s time for new adventures.
Before my great return to my European throne, there’s so much crap to see and do on this side of the sea, so I better start doing all the cool Murica-things before it’s too late! (Also, I have a new passport case so I gotta have a reason to show it off. “Oooh ooh, I’m not from here but you want to see my visa yes?”)

Plan numero uno is to explore all Boston’s hidden gems – best party spots,
find the cheapest but tastiest cocktails, listen to more local bands so I can say I knew them before they made it (too bad most of Boston’s music is metal…it’s like Finland all over again, the struggle is real), find art, beautiful parks, explore through TripAdvisor’s 20 best things to do in Boston and well, just try to absorb the American culture as much as I can.

But these are kind of “everyday” things. There’s also stuff I need to save  money for (hhnnghh). This stuff is the plan number two. For this stuff I created a bucket list, and I hope to see/do at least 3 of the things on it!


I want to go to one of the whale watching cruises here in Boston,or do a short vacation in Iceland and see some whales over there.
Or both – why should I just pick one?
Oh yeah, because I’m a poor rat. But one can dream right?

I’d also LOVE to see Niagara Falls and visit Toronto or Montreal since they are quite approachable from here! Plus I heard about a bus company that makes short trip to Washington DC.
So many options, so little time, so little money.
I just gotta make some plans plans plans and create a budget.
Like that’s gonna work out lol, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Miracles do happen you know.
And I mean I’m here, why not try to see stuff that would normally be like 8000 kilometers away from me?  #TravelBug2016

After my USA journey I’m coming back to the sweet sweet Finland, and after that? That would be plan number three. Only thing I know is that I wanna go to some place warm.
Anyone interested in hiring me?

What are your travel plans or just life plans in general for the year?
Tell me –  sharing is caring!



3 thoughts on “Travel Plans for 2016

      1. You probably know about the more popular haunts like Faneuil Hall, Boston Common and the other touristy areas. But, have you taken a harbor cruise (Spectacle Island is pretty cool)? It’s beautiful, especially in the warmer weather, although I may be going on a cruise in a few weeks to try to get photos of sea life and birds. here’s the link: I also like to visit Harvard Square in nearby Cambridge. I also like visiting the North Shore (especially Salem, Marblehead and Newburyport).


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