How To Feel More Comfortable On An Airplane

“Airplane travel is created to make you look exactly like you do in your passport picture” 
Perfect quote for today’s topic: Airplane travel.

I have always had a love/hate-relationship with airplane travel.
It’s the fastest and usually the only form of transportation to get me where I need to be.
Flying was something that I really hated,
since it hurt my ears, made me feel extra tired, and – you know – was just awful.

The situation was like this until recently  I started creating my own survival methods for shorter and longer flights.
And now I’m going to share some of those tips with you,
my beloved readers ❤

comfy airplane

If you have something to munch on board, everything is much more bearable. But be careful with what you put in your mouth. Too salty snacks make you thirsty and then you drink a lot and then you have to be that annoying person who climbs over people 10 times in 3 hours to pee. But still, snacks are important. Remember snacks.

2. BOOK A GOOD SEAT (if possible)
Some airlines let you book your seat in advance. Use this opportunity!
You can also be nice to the airline workers at check-in and they can give you the seat of your dreams.
For me it’s super important to know I have a good seat, especially on the longer flights. On 2 hour flights I don’t really care.
My favorite seat is the aisle seat. It gives me an easy access to move around, I can hear what the stewardesses are saying to me and can just quickly run out of the plane after the landing! Also for some reason my ears don’t hurt on the aisle seat. Is there some science behind that?

3. RELIEF FOR PAIN (Good name for an emo band)
No one can predict what is gonna happen up in the air.
You can’t know if your ears start to hurt like hell, or you get the worst tummy ache of your life, or if you end up sitting next to a crying toddler.
That’s why it’s good to have earplugs, ibuprofen or other pain relief, bubble gum, and some other crap like that in your purse.

Considering you’re probably traveling alone, you need something fun to do to pass time. Hopefully there’s an entertainment center in front of your seat and you can just watch movies throughout the flight.
But sometimes there’s no such luxury or you just get bored of the generic TV Shows. Then you might wanna do something else.
Pack a good book with you, a nonsense magazine, maybe your laptop,
some makeup (if you’re not wearing any yet and don’t want to look like a drug dealer when landing to your destination), notebook and a pen for writing down your thoughts. And ta-dah, there you have your entertainment!

"My TV is broken and I cannot be alone with my thoughts." - The Mindy Project:

I seriously look like I escaped from a mental hospital every time when I travel. I want to feel comfortable – and that reduces my chances on looking pretty. But what the hell, I’m not going to a fancy club to impress people. I’m going on the plane just to eat junk, watch TV and sleep a little.
I mean, obviously you can wear something comfy without looking like a hobo – but I haven’t mastered that art. If you’re looking ideas for cute travel outfits, I recommend you read a fashion blog. I should do it too.
But yeah, it’s so much easier to spend an eternity on board when I feel comfortable.

Take a travel pillow and a thick scarf with you. The scarf works as a blanket if the airline doesn’t offer that kind of comfort. And the pillow won’t allow you to rest your head on a random person’s shoulder – but gives you nice support and it doesn’t matter if you drool cos it’s your own pillow. And because you have packed earplugs with you, that minimizes all the horrible sounds around you.

This is more for like over 5 hour flights. I always try to make a plan on what I’m gonna do with all that time, and usually it works. I’m like “Okey, now I’m gonna watch two episodes of this show, then I’m going to the bathroom, then I’m going to eat and then maybe read a little”.
When you cut the travel time in small parts, it passes by faster.
At least that’s how it feels like for me!

What are your methods on killing time while traveling up in the air?


2 thoughts on “How To Feel More Comfortable On An Airplane

  1. Awesome post on airplane travelling! For your readers like me and many others, for whom plane travelling is rare, the tips provided by you is very useful. I’m sure, following your tips, my next air journey is going to be a smooth one. Thanks for the tips.


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