A Little Look to Little Italy


Hello all my fans! How was your weekend?
It’s Monday and I promised to myself I’m gonna eat less crap and work more on my blog. Let’s see how that works out.

Ok enough of trying to be inspirational lol, I’m writing this and dreaming about pizza.
But anyway,
last Saturday I went strolling around Boston. I had decided to be a slave of my calendar, and my calendar said “Take pictures at Boston Waterfront” so I had to do it.
It was windy and rainy and I wanted to die a bit. But the views and the sea always make me happy.  You can find some of the waterfront pics on instagram, the rest I’ll wrap up on a blog post someday. I tried to make a video for you guys to see how the waterfront area looks like but bleurghhh….It wasn’t my day.
Then I found myself walking toward North End and Little Italy.


Little Italy is seriously worth it’s name. Small Italian boutiques and restaurants everywhere, people speaking English with an Italian accent , there’s tons of tourists and traffic and almost an European-like atmosphere. Almost.

The restaurants are quite pricey for a poor street rat like me, so we (my bf had joined me at this point) spent a good while looking for the most affordable place to eat. Then we found one, it was cute and small and family owned. I don’t have any pictures from there cos I was way too hungry to document anything. I had my mind just set on meatballs. (Just realized when you write meat balls separately it kinda gives the whole thing a new meaning right?) And I don’t even remember what the place was called. It started with a P.

After the meal we explored a bit around the streets to look what’s up.
I really enjoy this area. All the buildings, the decorations of the shops, distant Italian music coming from some place, small alley ways leading you to hidden bakeries…
But to be 100 honest Little Italy (or like anything in Boston) is definitely much more welcoming when it’s warm and you don’r mind walking outside. But when the wind is blowing your face away you just know you should’ve stayed in.



Did you know, that in Little Italy Boston there’s also the first Italian Bookstore in United States? I wouldn’t have known that (because why would someone just know something like that), unless I hadn’t stepped in the store.

There was a book signing event. And a damn good one.
The book – Carmela’s Story – Is a true story about an Italian woman coming from rural and poor circumstances in Mussolini’s Italy, fighting her way all the way to USA in searching for something better. She didn’t want to live the life that was waiting for her – a housewife just cooking and making babies.  So she made the ultimate journey, the trip to America which in that time “was only made once in a life time”.
Carmela was there to talk about the book. At the age of 84 she looked stunning and told the stories with such passion I could’ve listened she reading the whole book.
If you ever get a chance, read it.



So yeah, that was my quick tiny look to Little Italy.
Restaurants = Welcoming, fancy, amazing decor, delicious menus, not super expensive but too pricey for me
Shopping = Cute boutiques and gift shops, books, fashion from Italy, wine and liquor from Italy, and not to forget – the tacky ITALY sweaters
Music = I certainly gotta find out more about that

I’ll post a new review about North End and Little Italy in April or in May when everything’s pretty and weather is warm.
Right now I have to start focusing on Boston Winter activities. But no worries!
Because I’m such a big fan of winter I can come up with all kinds of cool things to do!

And thus, with the biggest lie ever told,  I shall end this post.


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