Simpsons Trivia Nerds

So guys,
I’m not as bad of a Simpsons Geek as I thought. I went to a Simpsons-themed trivia last night in a bar nearby, and faced a miserable defeat.
The bar was super nice though. Let me tell you about my observations…


A few days ago I was walking around my Central Square when I suddenly I noticed a poorly cello taped (but interesting looking) flyer swinging in the wind. Β It had two magic words printed on it: SIMPSONS TRIVIA.
Obviously I had to go.

The bar where the trivia took place is called Once Lounge, and guys – that place was FANCY AS FUCK. And by saying that, I really mean it. Like seriously, the staircases looked like they were made of marble, and there were mirrors everywhere and CHANDELIERS on the ceilings. Everything looked super high-class and you’ll get the feeling that it’s an expensive elite place. But oh no, they do Simpsons trivias and play metal music in here.

(Sorry for the awful quality of the pic – only had my phone with me)

Now to the part where I tell you about my observations & the trivia:
-They had free candy
-The prizes were amazing: delicious looking chocolate “Diabetty”-cake
and other cool Simpsons crap
-American Simpsons fans are much more HC than you’d imagine.
-For some reason everyone’s a big fan of the Mr. Plow -episode?
-That’s why one of the prizes was a Mr.Plow-jacket
-People know WAY TOO MANY SMALL DETAILS about the show.


So, first we watched a few episodes from a big screen. That was super cool since the room was actually a big classy ballroom with a huge stage and again – chandeliers.
I drank cider as classy people always do, and decided that our team was called the Bleeding Gum Murphies.
Awesome name, and sure fire winners –Β That’s what I thought until the game started.
Name one time-characters, know Star Wars references, side characters’ family relations
…I mean yikes!
I was laughing “Hahah, no one is going to get any points”
What the hell?

After a few rounds the game host called us out and said our team was not doing so strong and I wanted to die of embarrassment…
On the next round I didn’t even return our answer sheet and they called us out again and everyone was laughing! FINNISH NIGHTMARES RIGHT THERE!
After a while we quietly escaped the venue,…
and as I left the room I screamed out loud: NEEEEERDS.


No I didn’t. But I wish I did.
Now I just gotta catch up on my Simpsons, and someday return to win the prize.
Or maybe I’ll just go to the Lounge for some fancy cocktails.

If you’re in the area I recommend you go try your luck at one of these trivias! Who knows – maybe they ask just the things you happen to know….but in my honest opinion,
this trivia is meant for the true the Simpsons geeks.


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