Antarctica – The Ultimate Travel Goal?

HEYOOO all my beautiful fans!
Today I’ve got a special announcement to make!
A Dutch company called
Oceanwide Expeditions contacted me with some interesting news –
<<<< A chance to win an amazing cruise to Antarctica! >>>>
Let’s do it!

Would you like to spend 30 nights on a cruise ship, travelling through the coldest of oceans across the Antarctica? Meeting some Emperor Penguins? Taking pictures of beautiful majestic icebergs? If you think that’s something you’d like to experience – check this information about the cruise!

To enter the competition you need to create your own profile and explain why you should be the winner. Because the one with most votes/likes is the winner. Duh.
It’s like travelers’ American Idol. Let the most successful social media marketer win, right? But might as well give it a go! Why not?

For me this would be a dream come true since there’s no doubt I would see all my favorite animals from Orca to Polar Bears. The cruise leaves from New Zealand and ends in Argentina. Both huge travel goals for me as well. THERE’S SO MUCH TO THIS CONTEST OMG!

So little human, what are you waiting for?
Create your profile, make it awesome and cross your fingers!

If you don’t want to enter the contest, then I most warmly suggest you’d VOTE FOR ME
I know I am the person who hates cold and winter more than anything – but here’s a little something:  an Antarctica winter is different from the ugly ass winters we have here in the normal world. It would be a beautiful experience with breath taking views. Clear air, and sights you can only see in nature films.
It’s not your everyday neighborhood with brown/yellow snow everywhere and angry people all around.

And if you win…I’ll be eternally jealous.


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