How to survive the (annoying) Boston winter

It’s the time of the year when the bipolar weather we call “winter” is in town.
For weeks I thought this year we are spared from the cruelness of winter,
but boy I was wrong.

The tables turned and winter came, and it came strong. (That’s what she said).
Probably because I bragged about not having any snow here.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not half as bad as it was last year,
but it’s still pretty fucking annoying.

So how to survive the apocalyptic coldness that can turn into a monsoon type of rain in just split seconds? Here’s how I’m handling it.


1.  Be bundled up at all times, – the word is LAYERS.
You never know when the icy breeze is going to get you. You might think its super cold in the morning but then in the afternoon you’re melting into a puddle. Or vice versa.
I always wear too much clothing or too little. There’s no in between.
The biggest reason why I’m now writing this tip for you guys is that I might learn something from this as well. Layers Maria. Layers.

2. Complain – A LOT
The more you complain about the weather, the better you feel. Some might disagree with me on this one but it seriously helps. If the weather doesn’t please me, everyone must know. If I can’t be happy about the weather, at least I can have some fun rolling in the depths of my own misery. Complaining is the best. Right guys?


3. Sweat at a gym
And use their saunas or steam rooms.
Exercise usually tends to makes you happy too. So it reduces your urges to complain constantly. Which is a positive thing for you mental wellness and the people around you.
Depending on what kind of people you hang around with.

4. Go see a ton of movies (or do just basic Netflix and chill)
This winter we’ve been blessed with a bunch of good movies.
What’s a better way to hide from the cold than spend two hours bundled up in a movie theater with all kinds of fattening products?
Netflix and chill works on this case too, but if that includes spending time with a love interest you might have to shave your legs and that’s a horrifying task to do during the coldest days of winter. Just ask yourself what makes you the happiest.
Plus, it’s the most wonderful time of the year just to stay in and play board games.



5. Enjoy Art.
If you’re going to see a movie at the Somerville Theater, please pay a visit to the Boston Museum of Bad Art. “Art too bad to be ignored” And what a cultural experience it is. You won’t regret it. You’re going to see art in a whole new way.

The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) is the world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.


6. Drink a lot of hot (or alcoholic) beverages
Explore new coffee shops, read a good book while drinking some tea, all that instagram worthy hipster stuff – you know? But there’s one thing that makes cold days enjoyable. That’s right I said enjoyable. Guess what’s the answer?
The key to happiness.
Also, remember to party a lot. Alcohol keeps you warm in your mind and body and after a couple of drinks you forget you’re in freezing Massachusetts.
How many days until summer?

How do YOU deal with winter? Share your best tips!



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