Hello all my beautiful fans!
Today’s post isn’t that much travel related, but it’s about one of my favorite topics:

As some of you may know, I recently turned 26 years old.
After a hardcore age melt down (“what am i doing with my life boohoohoo” ya know)
I decided to put some of my thoughts down. And this way I’m celebrating my awesomeness with you guys.
Fun right? I’m such an interesting person that anybody would be honored – and let’s just say it – EXCITED to read more about my personal thoughts and past.

So, 26 things about Miss Fancypants herself.


1. I’m not Fancy at all. In fact the better title would be Miss Trashypants. But thats not fun.
2. I like to burp – it tickles my throat in a nice way
3. Miss Fancypants is my alter ego I created a while ago. I’ve started writing travel related comedy sketches where the leading lady is the snobby Miss Fancypants trying to survive while traveling. So stay tuned – If things go the way I’m planning its gonna be some good shit.
4. I haven’t traveled as much as I would’ve wanted. But I’ve had the wanderlust inside me for a good long time now.
5. Even though I haven’t traveled in that many countries – I’ve had the chance to live abroad quite a lot which is nice. And I appreciate the hell out of it.
6. I miss Shanghai and all the weirdness I witnessed in China.
7. One of my goals is to backpack through South America or South East Asia.
8. Actually, my travel bucket list is endless. I also want to ride horses in Tibet.

9. I love the color pink.
10. Animals make me cry. Because they’re too cute.
11. the SEA. I could just swim in the sea all day every day and pour all my secrets, and tears to the mysterious embrace of the salty waves. (thinking about the sea also turns me into a poet)
12. Singing karaoke while way too intoxicated.
13. Zooming old photos and finding horrible details from them

14. I won a singing competition at the age of 2
15. I also want singing to be a part of my future, that’s why I want my old singing job back.
16. Before my Mallorca experiences I was super insecure about my personality, hating how I look, hating how I sound when I speak or laugh, and believing every mean comment someone said to me

(From being super awkward and disgusted by myself in 2012, to an aspiring superstar in 2014)

  1. Living abroad and spending a lot of time with/by myself has taught me to like myself more
  2. Life in Mallorca was the first step that changed me inside and out
  3. I don’t let peoples negativity get to me that much anymore
  4. But even though I’m quite cool with everything right now, those insecurities run deep.
  5. I myself am my worst enemy and I criticize myself way too much
  6. That’s also because I’m highly ambitious but don’t know on where to focus all my energy at. So I’m at a crossroads.

  7. I feel much younger now than I did when I was 21.

  8. I think it’s because I don’t see my life as just a burden or a list of routines anymore
  9. I’ve learned to turn peoples mean and hurtful comments into motivating me
  10. Because in the end, all that matters is that I’m making myself proud, keep going,  and turning small victories into my kind of success.

Love yourself, see new places, talk to new people, 
learn about different cultures, try new styles, listen to weird music, 
breath in, breath out and let the world amaze you.



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