So. A lot has been going on and I haven’t had any time for my little baby (this blog) but now i’m gonna fix this horrible mistake and harass you with my thoughts and my crap on a regular basis again 🙂

On this post I’m taking you to Iceland. Lovely, lovely Iceland.
Iceland was always on the top of my bucket list. It still kinda is, since I didn’t get enough of it. I had such an amazing holiday in that majestic poetic island that I NEED to share it with you guys – and spread the itch of a travel bug bite.

Here are some of my favorite pics along with stuff that I wanted to tell you. Have fun!


(Cos that’s when I was there. So I kinda know)
The weather was pretty unpredictable during the whole week and like they say in Iceland:
“If you don’t like the weather – don’t worry – it will change in 5 minutes.”
That statement is funny because it’s true.
If the morning is rainy, cold and foggy – Fear not – the afternoon is most likely going to be sunny then. Or vice versa.

But how can one plan their #OOTD (outfit of the day) for these conditions???
The word is: Layers.
Have a nice t-shirt or a cute top under all the warm stuff you have on, because when the sun suddenly starts melting everything around you, you’ll only going to be annoyed if you have to sit in the heat in your sweatiest hoodie.
You should also keep your scarf, gloves and beanie at the ready since you can’t predict when the cold wave is going to hit.

AND REMEMBER TO WEAR GOOD SHOES!!!!!!!! I recommend goretex sneakers. (I don’t know how to write that word tho. And too lazy for a spellcheck.)

Also if you’re rich you should definitely buy one of those traditional Icelandic wool-sweaters. They’re beautiful as fuck and keep you warm! Also they’re super hipster.
I did my budgeting wrong and was left without the sweater but I hope that you, my fellow comrades, are in a better luck. Like, “moneywise”.

AND! BTW! Bring your own sleeping bag. Especially if you tend to freeze to death when you sleep. (Me, always cold). THIS IS CRUCIAL INFO! I was FREEEZING half of the time since apparently icelandic people don’t feel cold and they don’t need warm blankets for sleeping.

But yeah. Remember the layers and you’ll be all set. I can’t give you any advice on fashion tho cos I only wear garbage. Fancy sparkling glitter garbage.




It’s tough. It’s tough tough tough tough tough.
Especially if you’re not traveling alone. Cos then you gotta deal with other peoples quirks as well.
So, pick 3-4 “must see”-spots and see if they match with your travel mates’ choices.

But trust me you’ll love everything you see on this island.  And the good thing is that you can always come back. With more money, and more time.
The ultimate dream would be two weeks, thousands of dollars, and tour around the whoooleee country.

There’s tons of stuff to do and see just around the Reykjavik area. The distances are not so long to the most famous waterfalls or  even to the geysir. Most hotels offer bus tours to these places, but if you are able to rent a car – you should definitely take the car.
This way you’ll be the master of your own schedule and can be as grumpy in the car as you want. No one will judge you. Except your friends. But that’s ok.

I found this Sygic Travel website pretty useful while planning this trip.
I’m SO gonna use it from now on wherever i’m planning on going!
—> This is not paid advertisement btw, I just honestly think that this website is useful. It even gives you the estimated times for your drives and stops!



“It’s not possible”
“You won’t have time to see anything”
“You’ll get so bored”

False, false, and 50/50.
There was a lot of sitting in the car. Obviously. But it was not a problem for me.
I was super tired and had some feminine pains so it was more than OK to sit in the car and not just run around.
The time spent on the road was not so terrible. I enjoyed it. I looked out the window in awe as the views got more and more majestic every second. And behind every curve there’s another spectacular view.
We had an awesome playlist on Spotify and an incredible selection of snacks, so we were all set. And then in every few hours we’d hop off the car and explore the wild.

So if your time on the island is limited but the places you wanna see are located all around….
The road trip is possible.
Design your route carefully and plan the stops you’re going to make.
During summertime it wont even get dark so you have “more hours” to the day.
Don’t stop at every place that looks cool. Because then you’d have to make stops every 10 minutes.
Don’t spend too much time at one sight. I wanted to stay and live near all the beautiful cliffs and waterfalls and move in with the sheep families, but you gotta keep your cool and just leave.
Have more than one driver in your squad. Or one superhero driver who doesn’t have a problem with driving.




On this “chapter” I’m going to blabber about my fave spots and stuff I saw and experienced in Iceland. I loved everything, especially the waterfalls and the beaches. But here’s a few picks I’ve got to mention.

Let’s start with Reykjavik.
The city is amazing. It’s small and cozy, but not too small. There’s a lively and interesting nightlife scene, tons of good restaurants to choose from and hundreds of tourist shops.
Some, of course, are ridiculously overpriced – but that’s no surprise to anyone.
In Reykjavik you should definitely see the Hallgrims Kirkja (a massive church, picture below). You can basically see it’s massive tower from all over the city.  I also got to mention the PENIS MUSEUM, which I didn’t visit (sadly) but which would’ve been awesome.

One of my absolute favorites happened on the day of my arrival.
I only wanted to see orcas, but that wasn’t possible. But I saw dolphins, porpoises and two minke whales. So it was pretty cool. The whole tour was fantastic and the crown jewel was the hot chocolate with rum which i downed afterwards. They also gave us free waffles at the harbor.


I also got to mention Reynisfjara beach, also known as the black sand beach.
The place looked magical and the cliffs and huge rocks were like from a fairytale. The legend actually says that the rocks used to be trolls that turned into stone. Why not. The sand and the pebbles on the beach where all black/grey and the smoggy weather added a notch of  mystery to our visit.


Another of my favorites were the warm nature baths of Myvatn. Picture also below.
It was like bathing in warm milk. Milk that smells like eggs. And has the bacteria of 100 different people around you.  But it was relaxing tho. Could’ve stayed there forever. It’s smaller than it’s big brother Blue Lagoon – which is a tourist trap. And its much less expensive. It’s a win win win spot.

You can read more about the Real tourist traps in Iceland from here. 
Its an article by @CampervansIceland – it’s easy and fast read, but super informative.

I could go on and on about how amazing Iceland is and how unbelievably gorgeous its nature is. Use your AirBnB credits and book a nice cozy house from the country side and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy life!
And remember to bring a warm sleeping bag with you!

More Iceland pics on my instagram! There’s pictures of my two loves, Skogafoss and Gullfoss. They both brought a lot of happiness in my life with their beautiful green fields, the rivers and the rainbows that decorated the whole view making it complete.
Interested? Check my IG out you fools!

Hope you enjoyed my pics, would you like to know something else about my trip to iceland? Ask me!  ❤ Love you!




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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment – I also read your article! It was super informative. I’m going to put a link to it on my article 🙂
      ps. i LOVED icelandic candy! it’s kinda like finnish candy – fresh but tasty. so goooooodddd! 😀 haha!


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