If you won the lottery, where’d you travel?

“If I was a rich girl nananana…”
“Money money money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world”

Dear Miss Fancypants readers – we never communicate!
So, now I wanna hear from YOU!


Let’s play make believe.
If you had, let’s say ONE MILLION DOLLARS to solely spend on traveling, where’d you go?
Would you do something extra extra fancy?
Book a five-star hotel from the Maldives and eat pearls for breakfast?
Perhaps buy a nice apartment from Manhattan?
Climb Mount Everest?  Go to Fidzi and never come back?

The best part of this game is that you don’t have to think about real life, like paying off student loans or worrying about bills or insurances etc…All that money is for TRAVEL and travel alone!
What you gotta do now is you need to start thinking about this important matter in your lovely little head, and then write your answer on the comment section below.
I’m waiting. I want to hear what you’re thinking and then Imma steal your ideas.

I’m now closing my eyes and I’m thinking about all the fabulous things a million bucks could give me. Oh yeah. OH YEAH. YEAH BABY!
That money would basically be like Aladdin singing “I can show you the world”
and I would jump on that ride without any hesitation.
With that money I could travel from country to country until I’d find my own musician-Disney Prince.  I don’t want my prince to be a singer though. There can’t be two divas.

Ok lol back to the real stuff.


1. Fly somewhere on a private jet!
Like seriously you guys. How cool would it be. Imagine all the bomb instagram pics.
That’s the only reason why I’d book the jet – to get more followers.
Well…Not really though.
Whenever I travel somewhere by plane I feel like I’m aging a 100 years while floating on air.
I’m 27 when I hop on the plane and I’m 87 when I arrive to my destination.
Anyone with me on this?  
Imagine if you could just chill on your pajamas the whole flight and eat big macs, you could lay on the airplane floor if you wanted to and there’d be no crying babies.
I know I’d be extremely happy.

2. Backpack (FabPack, GlamPack) around Southeast Asia and South America
This has been a dream of mine forever.
And now that I have a million dollars I can have a fancy non-smelly backpacking experience.
My very own Miss Fancypants Glampack Experience 101. Meaning I would be like Kim Kardashian, taking selfies at the Amazon while my tour guide is trying to make sure I won’t be killed by a snake or something. 

I could also hire cute guys to carry my bags, and myself, while we’re climbing to Machu Picchu. Later in the evening they could feed me grapes and dance sexy entertaining dances for me.  DANCE MY PRETTIES DANCE!
Even though I love staying in hostels, this time I wouldn’t necessarily have to.
I could book hip and cool hotel rooms everywhere I’d go. And spend all the evenings drinking pink bubbly drinks in a jacuzzi.
(If you don’t know what glampacking means, it’s basically just backpacking but trying to avoid looking and smelling like a dirty hairy Tarzan-Gorilla at all costs. I’m gonna write about this glampacking thing more pretty soon ‘cos i think it’s a funny topic. FabPacker is a term I’m trying to bring to life. Fabulous Backpacker.)

You can see orcas in Antarctica, northern Norway, New Zealand, Alaska, Seattle…And I’m ready to go to any of these spots, you name it.

I’m too in love with these creatures, I wouldn’t even mind if they decided to eat me.
But they wouldn’t, ‘cos they’d sense that I want only what’s best for them and that I’m not supporting SeaWorld or whale/dolphin captivity anymore. We’d be best friends. Me and all the little Shamus. I don’t even have to swim with them. I just want to see them. And hear them sing.
Ps. Orcas have never eaten a human in the wild. We don’t taste good to them.
Pps. I want an orca tattoo on my thigh.
PPPS. VISIT: http://emptythetanks.org/ 

Source: http://www.legalreader.com

The world of Spirited Away. The Harajuku Fashion. The lights in Tokyo. Hello Kitty.
Pokemon. Cherrytrees. The nature. Fuji Mountain. All the sushi. The everything.  
Do I need to say more? I’d stay there for a good while, exploring the insanity.
I want to walk barefoot on a wooden bridge across a slowly shifting river, where coy fishes swim in circles and turtles sing love songs, while cherry flowers fall gracefully everywhere around me.
I’m following a lot of Japan based people on instagram, and all their photos just look simply amazing. I’m basically just drooling everytime they post something fabulous there.
And if I cut bangs I could totally pass for a chubby japanese girl. I’ve been told that many times before. Not sure if it’s a compliment though. It’s an insult to the Japanese girls. They’re all pretty. I’m a potato sometimes.
And hey, maybe I could do my  “Eat, Pray, Love” -single girl spiritual awakening thing in Japan.
Except that I’m scared of love. And I’m not really into praying. But boy can I eat!
“…With every step you take, Kyoto to the bay, strolling so casually…”
Seriously look at the picture below and tell me you DON’T wanna visit Japan. Impossible.

Source: http://www.bknpk.com

5. Visit Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia
When it would be time to say goodbye to Japan,
I’d fly to Australia. I’d put some koalas in my purse and then head off to New Zealand.
New Zealand is…just…it’s like Japan. It’s a dream.  A beautiful beautiful imaginary world that’ll be true to me someday.
But seriously, I would go gaga over there. Spend the days pretending I’m a Hobbit, speaking an imaginary LoTR language and everyone around me would be like omg who’s that dork.
But that wouldn’t be any different from my everyday life, smh.  
French Polynesia is on my list because I really wanna go but I think I’ll never have the money in real life. But in this make believe world I’d go there like drop of a hat.

6. And finally, If I had a million dollars I guess I would finally buy a new suitcase.
Maybe even two new suitcases. Splurging.
Hahah, no for realsies. I guess I’d buy a nice cute apartment from LA or NYC and live happily ever after.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what would you do if you had a million dollars to spend on travel!



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