Disney movies. The main inspiration of our childhood games and plays.
Disney basically raised us.

We’ve fought the Huns in China with Mulan and learnt what it takes to be a true hero like Hercules in ancient Greece. We’ve been on a magic carpet ride around the world with Aladdin and seen how magical life is under the sea while we’re finding Nemo or swimming with Ariel.

These movies do not only teach us important life lessons, they also teach us that if you sing a beautiful song, all the troubles in your life will magically disappear and men will fall in love with you.

But more importantly, they make our imagination run wild.  All the Disney movies I saw as a kid amazed me to my core. And they still do. They made me realize, already at a very young age, that there’s a big magical world out there and it needs to be explored.  

I made list of the movies that specifically woke up the adventurer in me.


Belle reads books about faraway places, she dreams about a life of adventure, she’s sick of her small town life. Umm…THAT’S SO ME!
But then…she moves in with a hairy dude who lives in a fixer upper castle, just a few miles outside the village. Why Belle? Why? What happened to your desire to see the world!
I mean the Beast gave Belle a pretty killer library, even I wouldn’t say no to that.

I guess wouldn’t mind living in an enchanted castle to be honest – it would be sort of an adventure itself- , but I would like that castle to be in a magical place and not in a creepy forest near my backyard.  
I want to experience things myself.
I don’t want to just read about imaginary people’s imaginary experiences.
Still I can’t help but wonder:

Did Belle and the Beast live happily ever after in the castle or did they adventure in the great wide somewhere together?  Or was Belle held a hostage even after the Beast turned into a prince?

But maybe that’s what Belle wanted all along: to live through books.
Our difference: I want to see the things with my own eyes and then write stories about it for other Belles to read.



“What would I give if I could live out of these waters?”
I can relate to Ariel’s longing for experiencing something different, wanting to be free and stepping out of your comfort zone.

She’s so desperately trying to get out of the sea, that she even gives her voice to a sea witch in exchange for legs.
Just like when I was so desperate to get out of Finland I exchanged my glorious life for being a babysitter in USA.

Ariel represents the desire to see new places and experience different cultures. The real wanderlust.  I don’t think Ariel really even was that much in love with Prince Eric. Maybe she was too much in love with the idea of stepping to the unknown, that she just married Eric out of pure curiosity. She was a princess under the sea after all – she needed to be a princess on the land as well, right?

This movie was probably the big push towards my ever growing love for the ocean and sea life. Whenever I travel, I try to make sure there’s water somewhere near me. Not just some stupid lakes, but the sea.
When I was a kid I was SURE that if I practised enough  I could eventually breathe underwater and become a mermaid. So I was never allowed to even take a bath without someone checking every 2 minutes if I was still alive. My method of breathing underwater was quite simple: just drink all the water you can. That way you won’t drown. Easy.  



If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. Mulan is so cool. She sacrifices EVERYTHING and goes to war pretending to be a man, to prevent her father from having to fight.
People say she’ll never bring glory to her family, only shame – just because she’s “not suitable for marriage”. Lol.
But then what happens? She brings home all the glory in the world.

But besides the story, the ethnic music and beautifully animated sceneries about falling cherry blossoms, the Great Wall, the glorious gardens, palaces and majestic landscapes (especially during all the songs) gave me a burning desire to visit China someday.
Mulan showed us that you don’t have to be a traditional woman to be appreciated.
You can walk your own path, be stubborn AF, and never give up.  
Attitude will get you to places. #FemaleTravelerGoals


I think this is my all time favorite Disney movie.
“I can show you the world”
“Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling”

My my my….Aladdin, you clever little rat. Sneaking into little girls’ hearts.
Not only did Aladdin make me want to find my own magic carpet to ride on, he also pushed me into dreaming about Arabian nights as a sultan’s wife.  The whole movie is somehow pretty glorious. The cave of wonders should be scary, but instead of it frightening me, I want to step inside and see what wonders it actually holds.

But Aladdin is not the only thing here that inspired my inner traveler. The main inspiration was, of course, Jasmine!  Just like Ariel and Belle, she felt trapped in her glamorous palace and wanted to see the world outside the marble walls. She then runs away, and life throws her into a life changing adventure.
And THAT is what we want. Adventures. Not knowing what’s going to happen next, jumping to the unknown and testing your limits.


Hercules as a movie gives us a beautifully illustrated glimpse to ancient Greece, and it uses the old Greek mythologies to flirt with our minds. You’re crazy if you don’t wanna visit Greece after seeing this movie.

But in this film the best part isn’t the majestically drawn ancient greek temples and monuments, nor Hercules’ heroic journey from zero to hero,
the best thing is Megara.

“I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”
That quote is like a solo female traveler’s mantra. We don’t need guys to save our sorry asses. We created the trouble – we’re gonna fix it by ourselves!
But if a guy like Hercules came to me in real life like “Sup?” I’d probably faint ‘cos cute guys with muscles make me nervous.  
Meg was also super chill and cool even though she was being held prisoner by, umm I don’t know, only BY THE GOD OF DEATH.
She was just like “yep, this is fine”.  And that, if anything, is GOALS.


The most underrated Disney movie that ever existed!
It’s an amazing story about Goofy and his teenage son Max driving across the USA
to see Max’s favorite artist in LA. Their original destination is “Lake Destiny” in Idaho, but Max secretly changes the route on the map and Goofy just blindly follows it, lol.  Ah Disney.
The movie showcases awesomely how horrible and embarrassing traveling is if you’re doing it with your family. But it also shows how amazing it can be if you all can just chill and agree on something for a change. It was a perfect movie for my teenage angst years. 
This movie is the best road trip movie there is and definitely motivates me on doing the Route 66-thing some year.


There are soooo many awesome Disney movies that inspire us to travel, but these were just my top picks.
What all of these movies have in common, I think,  is that the heroes and heroins all want to feel free or they want to belong somewhere.
They all know that there’s something else out there and they don’t want to settle for anything they’re not 100% sure of.

But yeah okay. I’ll stick with my choices.

Do you have any opinions about these movies? Or what about Pocahontas, Tangled, Frozen, Mary Poppins?
Tell me!



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