So you moved to a paradise island and things went to sh*t – now what?

Hello my dear fans,
its been a while since I last wrote anything here.
The reason for my abscence is that I no longer have a laptop (!!!! my biggest nightmare).

I had to use my laptop in Crete for our nighttime program, and then of course one evening it fell down and, well, nothing could be done anymore to save it.
I loved my tiny little laptop so much.
And did I get money back from it? No.
The only thing that happened – was that my boss got frustrated for the fact that we no longer could use my laptop.

What kind of company/boss even thinks that it’s OK to use someone’s personal laptop for work. Especially when everyone was using my laptop and seeing all my files and stuff.
NOT COOL. But now everything’s gone.

And this is a perfect setting for my story….



April 17th. My flight to Heraklion, Crete.
My nightmare was about to begin.
I had no clue what was ahead of me, so i was hyped.

I was promised a job as a singer and sports-entertainer (=Working in a hotel, entertaining the guests you see)
Meaning I’d play sports during the day and then doing singing shows during the evenings.
I had been looking forward to this for so long.
I was so miserable in Finland and this job was supposed to save my life.

At first everything seemed WONDERFUL. The beach looked incredible, the hotel was extra fancy and I had a good feeling about everything.

The hotel would open 26.4 and I thought if I arrived early I’d have plenty of time to rehearse choreographies and harmonies for the shows.
But the shows would never happen.
As it turned out, I was the only vocalist and the rest of my team only wanted to do playback shows – because, in their words, that’s REAL ENTERTAINMENT.
What the hell am I doing here then?

The hotel was located in a deserted countryside. I woke up to a sound of a rooster every morning. Next to the hotel there was an old and disgusting powerplant (or some kind of factory idk) and the nearest shops, restaurants and bars were a 30min walk away from the hotel.
Perfect holiday spot for people who only want to stay in the hotel – nightmare for people who live for action and life.

Two huge strikes already.

My team was also all Italian. Uhu.
6 Italians plus me. And it was pure horror.
I was excpecting to work in an international environment, with people from many different countries.
But what I got was “Now you have to learn some italian”.
And no offence to any italians, but I’ve never had any interest towards the language. That’s why I never even tried to learn it.
My team would communicate with each other only in italian. Because why bother talking in english if only one person doesn’t understand. Politeness level 100.

I’ve never felt so alone in my entire life, even though I was always surrounded by the team.
I don’t have anything against them individually, but as a group they were pure HORROR.
I felt like I was a babysitter in an elementary school for deaf monkeys:
No one understood what I said, I didn’t understand them,
and they were all so much younger than me – or behaved like they were.

Also our manager was a little dim and unorganized.
He would go from a silly teenager boy to a psycho “I’M THE BOSS”-mode in two seconds, and I started losing respect for him. I can’t even begin to tell you about all the things that were wrong in his way of managing,
but here’s a little something – if you don’t understand English – don’t work in an international company. And if you only know how to bring your team down – you should go back to taking some management lessons.

Hotel entertainment is the best job in the world, if it’s done correctly and is well managed. The days are long, and to have your energy – you really need to chill during your breaks.
But…we didn’t have breaks. Normally, the entertainers have afternoon break of almost two hours and then another two hour break in the evening before night time program.
……Guess if we ever had the chance to enjoy these breaks to recharge our batteries?
Nope. The manager would take this time to bring us down, telling us how much we suck, or we’d spend that time by doing something else – something unimportant just to waste the time.
If we were lucky, in the evening we had ONE HOUR to walk home, take a shower, and then go back to work.

The hotel’s other department managers were slightly psycho as well.
The restaurant manager was a tiny skinny gray haired man who looked exactly like he hated everyone except himself. He’d always talk down on me, and one day he even called me stupid, because I took a chair for a guest from a wrong place. “Next time one lady might start thinking with her brain” he said loudly with an irky smile on his face and I almost punched him on the spot.

100 strikes – I’M OUT

I hated every minute of working in that hotel. I hated the hotel, it’s location, the program, the team, the other staff, my apartment, my work hours….everything.
I also worked there for one month and HAD ONLY TWO DAYS OFF.
TWO DAYS OFF out of 30. WHAT IS THAT?????????

My parents were actually worried about me and my mental health. They never are worried about me….or at least they don’t let me know they worry.
But this time even I was worried about myself.
I almost ALMOST asked my parents to book me a flight home.
But then something happened and now I’m living my dream in Rhodes.


Whether it’s a place of your job, your city, your country, your apartment, your whatever.
If it makes you sad – you have to leave it behind and change the situation.
This is what I’ve learned.

“If you weren’t so negative all the time you’d see how wonderful this place is”….
Yeah, well, sometimes thinking positive just doesn’t help, AT ALL.
Every morning, I woke up and thought: Ok, maybe today won’t be so bad. I listened to all my favorite songs while walking down the ugly streets to work,
but even though I tried to force myself into loving my situation – it didn’t happen.
But then…I realized. I didn’t have to think positively about my team or my hotel, I started being positive about the fact that hopefully I’d soon get the hell out of there.
“Every day it’s one day less of being here!” I thought.
And suddenly – it was only one day left.

_THINK POSITIVE_I'm positive that soon I'm getting the hell out of here

“Aren’t you just overreacting?”
“Sounds like you just can’t live abroad without your friends”
“Oh she want’s to take the first train home hahaha”
“All talk and no action hahahah”
“Oh I thought this is what you wanted, can’t you make up your mind?”
“Well you wanted to go to ______, are you gonna give up so soon?”

And so on and so on…people are always happy to see you suffer. This is one of the saddest things I’ve learned. When you’re unhappy and unsuccessful, you’re not a threat to anyone and it’s easier for people to “support you”.
But once you know what you want, who you are, what you’re capable of – and are not afraid to show it to the world – then all these supporters will suddenly disappear.
And this is also when you find out who your real friends are.

So don’t listen to anybody’s advice. In this matter you can only trust yourself. It’s your life for crying out loud.


I almost bought a plane ticket to Spain for the next day,
one evening when I was super pissed off about my situation in Crete. I was so ready to just go there with my suitcase and find a new job from anywhere. I was almost ready to live under a boat somewhere in a harbor just as long as I wouldn’t have to see that hotel or those people anymore.
But luckily I waited a little and got another – better – job offer.

Think about money, apartment, food, travel costs, salary….Do you want to stay in the same city, same island, same country?
Should you go back to your home country and try to get another job from there?
Or wait and stay at the horror job until you find something new?
Or rent a room from somewhere and chill a few days and find a new job from the nearby areas?

I was 90% sure I’d go to Spain and get a job from there, but then unexpectedly the big boss from my horror hotel made a few phone calls and I got a job from Rhodes.
The boss handed his phone to me and I talked 3 minutes with my new boss. Already after 20 seconds of that phone call I knew I was talking with my next boss.
Things started falling into place.

So yeah, now I’m in Rhodes and so far everything’s great.
Some tiny little setbacks over here too, but overall, I’m enjoying myself here to the bits.
Next post is going to be about fabulous Rhodes ❤

Until the next time, Ta taaa!


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