RHODES – yet another place to call home

[Guess who’s back, back again…]

and WELCOME BACK to my super interesting stories about life and travel.

As some of you may know, due to not having a laptop, I had a forced hiatus of approximately 6 months.
I managed to write one (1) post during this time, and on that article I’m telling you a tragic story about the tragic destiny of my beloved laptop.
BUT NOW, everything’s fixed and I’m back on the right track, rhyming and all.

I’m going to start a new series on my blog called #JustRhodesThings (it’s what I wanted to do while I was still on the island but guess I’ll be doing it from here then, lol)
On that series I’m gonna tell you about bars, shopping, sights, my job, MAYBE SOMETHING ABOUT BOYS (my previous tinder piece was quite successful, check it out) and about the island life in general.

But for now, without any further ado, here’s a quick rundown about what went on in RHODES, GREECE this summer.
A little preview of what I’m gonna write about later, the reader’s digest, if you will.

You'realwayswith me



May 25th. My flight lands to Rhodes.
I was a little terrified at first because I had no idea what to expect. My experience in Crete had been HORRIFYING and I was so exhausted, both mentally and physically, that I wouldn’t have survived yet another failure. I didn’t have money, I didn’t have a laptop, I didn’t even have A MASCARA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I was a wreck, looking for a miracle.

My boss came to pick me up from the airport, and his beautiful friendly smile planted a seed of faith in my soul. “Rhodes is going to be good for us” my brain whispered quietly, but I didn’t believe it just yet – my heart needed more convincing.
We started driving towards my new hotel, and as we passed some amazing breathtaking sights I started to get excited.

My boss pointed at some mountains over the sea on the horizon
“Maria, do you know what that is?”
“A big ass rock formation?”
“I don’t know…”
“That’s TURKEY! It takes only one hour with a ferry to get there”

At this point I felt my face lighting up. Turkey, eh? One hour you say?
I could do traveling while traveling! INCEPTION. In-travel-ception.
So cool.

We were getting closer to the hotel.
Everything started looking wonderfully beautiful in my eyes.
I was no longer on a desert.
The buildings were beautiful, the beaches were beautiful, and everything was in a walking distance. Shops, bars,…Even Turkey was almost at a walking distance. Like for real.

After my first day of work, and after seeing my first Rhodes sunset,
my heart was also convinced. “Yep” it said, “One piece of me already belongs here”.



CHAPTER 2 : SOCIAL LIFE (Parties, friends, free time)

That was only the beginning.

One pretty important factor in making me feel comfortable over there was having the “Bar street”  a solid 4 minute walk downhill from us.
Bar street is, to the word, exactly what it sounds like. A street full of bars. Ta-Dah.
The strip is in its full bloom from mid June to early September, that’s when there’s so many people around it’s basically impossible to walk the whole street from end to end without wanting to kill someone or stepping in a puddle of vomit.
Even though the strip drove me crazy from time to time, the main feeling I had was happiness. Ever since the summer 2012 (when I lived in Magaluf, Mallorca) I had been searching for that similar feeling of freedom and being able to let go – and Rhodes night life was offering me just that.

I’m gonna dedicate a whole new post for the wonders of barstreet, because I think you guys need to know how disgustingly amazing it is.

On my first night out we went to the biggest night club in Rhodes, called Colorado.
A live band was playing all my favorite party music AND to my surprise also some pretty banging rock tunes. You don’t get that at your basic night club now do ya.
I developed a little crush on the band, obviously, and wanted to hear them more and more…probably cos they were doing exactly what I was supposed to do for living….but oh well,…. (#bitter)

We started calling bar street our other home or our “living room” quite quickly and shortly most people knew our names and where we worked. There was a week when I went out every single night. Felt like a carcass on day six that week. But I wanted one last crazy summer, so I was gonna get me a crazy summer.

But anyway, we made friends with some of the bar owners and bar staff and enjoyed quite a few complimentary drinks throughout the season. Not complaining. One of my favorite places to spend the evening was a pub called Alexander Bar. But I’m gonna tell you guys all about it later.

One amazing thing about the Greeks and other season workers on the island, was how incredibly friendly and open people were. Making new acquaintances was easier than EVER and shortly I noticed my Facebook exploding from new friend requests.
Yay. Popular me. (Yeah ok, 3 requests.)

We had all Sundays off, and all Monday evenings.
Most of my days off I walked around the town, had hangover dinners with my friends, sat hours and hours at my favorite cafe/restaurant,  went to the beach early in the morning with basically 0 hours of sleep, or did some shopping.
All my money went on totally new summer wardrobe and hangover food
….but i regret nothing.



Last winter was super hard for me, I felt like I was wasting my life. I wanted to experience something new and improve myself as a person – mentally and physically.
That’s why I was so relieved this spring when I locked the deal about doing singing and entertainment in Greece.
I learned a great deal about myself this year – well, I’ve known this for a long time but now I got the biggest clarification – if I can’t perform I die a little inside.
And that’s what I was supposed to do this summer – sing on a stage.
But that didn’t happen after all.

Even though the job I had in Rhodes wasn’t my dream job, or what I was supposed to do – I still enjoyed it a good 80% of the time.  It was definitely a challenge, since I couldn’t really use my number one talent there. My new identity was being the chubby girl who screams in the swimming pool.
But I acted like I loved hosting bingo…so I guess Broadway and Hollywood are really missing some good talent right here.

I managed to meet some pretty interesting people both in and out of work and GUESS WHAT I’m actually going to move in with two Finnish girls whom I met there.
I’ve always wondered how strong friendships you can actually build in a short amount of time if you just find the right people.
I already miss SO MANY PEOPLE from there but I know that I’ll see them again soon.

This time I was smart enough not to let myself get too attached to anyone. I started feeling things for some people, of course, despite I’m half human half goddess I still have feelings. Who’d have thought. But with a wink and a smile I managed to let my brain take the lead an not get too emotional.
I guess this gypsy life has taught me how to be stronger.


One thing that made me happy everyday was the sound of the sea.
We lived on the windy side of the island and our room was quite close to the beach, so we could hear the waves in our room. What is more beautiful than to fall asleep to the sound of the sea?
Also the nature in Rhodes is just breathtaking.
I saw the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen and snorkeled in crystal clear waters.
For you to get a better idea of what I’m talking about, on the following articles I’m going to post some lovely pictures from my favorite spots. Those include the amazing city of Lindos, beautiful beach of Kallithea and I’m also going to take you under the sea with my super cool videos I took on a submarine excursion.

The city of Rhodes is small yet welcoming and easy to get the hang of. The city is a beautiful combination of old and new, medieval history and glamorous modern tourism.
There’s lovely restaurants and cafes to chill in, the harbor is a fantastic place for a little walk and photo shooting, old town is full of history – and tourists – and the new town is the perfect spot for a shopping spree.
After a few times strolling around the city, I felt I knew it better than I had ever known any town in Mallorca or even in Finland.

5/5 would recommend, definitely returning.

It’s crazy to feel so connected to a place I knew almost nothing about before going there and even though I don’t speak the language…yet. Greece had never been on top of my list of interests, which is crazy, because I love Greek mythology and Disney’s Hercules and the movie Mamma Mia. I guess it was my destiny somehow to get involved with this country.
My next goal is to learn speak Greek, because I don’t want to be a stupid disrespectful idiot anymore. I want to be a part of the community.

If for some reason I’m not returning to Rhodes next summer, I know I’m going back some day no matter what. The heart wants what it wants and this time it found peace in Rhodes.
It was not the first time that a Mediterranean Island saves my life – and something tells me it was not the last time either.

What is YOUR home away from home?
Have you left your heart in more than one place?

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Until next time,
xoxo gossip girl









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