HI GUYS and WELCOME to the year 2018 with me.
I thought I’d start the year off with my Liebster Award Nomination post.

Miss Fancypants is now a Sunshine blogger award-nominee, Liebster award-nominee,
Grammy-nominee, Golden Globes-nominee and a Tony-nominee. It’s so exciting to be so popular and wanted. Sometimes I can’t even walk outside with all the paparazzis running around me, screaming MARIA LOOK AT THE CAMERA! AMAZING OUTFIT! IT REALLY GOES WITH THE PIZZA BOX YOU’RE CARRYING! 
And I’m like “Omg thanks! What do you think about this grease stain though? Too much?”,
but I make everything look good because I’m so pretty and modest…aaaanyway. Let’s start.




“The Liebster Award 2018 is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome”

The official rules for this award tag come from The Global Aussie and at the end of each year they choose one blogger to win the award and to receive a small prize. 68 million dollars that is. Well not really. But almost.

Right now the rules go more or less like this:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Who is your favorite blogger and why?
  • Provide 10 random facts bout yourself.
  • Answer the questions provided by your nominator.
  • Choose 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the Liebster award 2017.
  • Provide your own questions to your nominations.
  • Inform the bloggers that you’ve nominated them and make them aware of the rules.
  • Let The Global Aussie that you have accepted the award.

So let’s get this thing going!!



I was nominated by the crazy inspiring (this time not using this word sarcasticly)

FOREVER ROAMING THE WORLD.  The mastermind behind this blog is Amit, who shares amazing and REAL stories about his experiences and travels around the world as a solo backpacker.
I’m so thrilled he nominated me because I really look up to him and his storytelling and I was just, i don’t know, honored (?) Amit liked Miss Fancypants enough to give us a nomination.

Here’s a little info about Forever Roaming the World, copied from the website:

  • Forever roaming the world was born in May 2017.
  • My mission is to inspire and to show if I can do it then so can you. It doesn’t matter about your background, if you’re poor, if you don’t think you’re confident enough or if you’re concerned – I want to inspire you to make your dream of traveling a reality; just like I did.
  • A haven for first time solo budget backpackers/travelers.
  • Is here to help but not dictate to you as you plan or start your journey.
  • To show you what life on the road is like through the eyes of a long-term solo budget backpacker.

Sounds like something you’d like to read more about? CHECK THAT PAGE OUT!



One great thing about being a part of a travel blog community is the fact that everyday I get to virtually meet new people who are also enthusiastic about writing, traveling, living abroad, learning about social media marketing, and so on and so on.
I haven’t been so active in the blogging world lately, as I was 6 months without a laptop, so I lost many followers and some collaboration buddies. But now I’m back in business, stronger than ever, and hopefully Miss Fancypants will rise from the dust like a phoenix.

My favorite blogger is Alice Teacake from TEACAKE TRAVELS
– the blog that inspired me to get rid of my fears and just launch Miss Fancypants for an audience.
I started reading her blog a few years ago, and I love just everything about this website.
It’s informational, funny, witty, worth-while, powerful, amazing, beautiful, inspirational, and to the word: a KICK ASS BLOG.
It’s everything a blog/website should be and I highly recommend all the solo female travelers to read it, whether you’re already on the road or thinking about going solo! The blog oozes girl-power, and works as a great guide for any traveler, male or female. But mostly female. And I love it.



I’m giving you seven.

1. The older I get, the more I start liking the things I liked as a teenager, so soon I’m probably goth again. Lol. I’m still equally obsessed with Japan as I was back then, so one of my top priorities now is to get there. But it’s probably going to take YEARS for me to come up with that kind of dough. I could make a series on my blog called Budget Plans for Miss Broke Pants (Broken Pants would be the correct term as I’m in desperate need of some new trousers after the holidays #Fatness)

2. I stress over EVERYTHING these days and I gotta tell ya, I wasn’t like this before! Now I stay awake all night and think about all things terrible. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME.

3. My love for singing and performing hasn’t faded over the years, even though people keep telling me to stop chasing for stupid dreams. Ummm…Why tho? Just keep your ugly ass mouth shut and let me do my thing. Sorry. #Only_nice_things.
But for some reason it’s super difficult for me to find a group to make music with! But luckily I love performing more than writing songs so I can fulfill my popstar dreams by being a holiday resort diva. And i love it.

4. I WANT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I can’t take a baby puppy because I’m too restless and I couldn’t just drag a puppy along everywhere I go or pass him to my family and friends all the time. I don’t want that life for my sweet child. I don’t want my little baby to grow up without their mother. But I want a puppy. And his name would be Lucifer. Also, I love animals so much that I legit CRY when I’m holding a dog or I see a cute animal video.

5. One of my dreams and goals is to work hard and earn enough money to pay a trip for my dad and me to Croatia. I remember him telling me he’d like to go there…And I want to take him there for an adventure. He deserves it more than anyone in the world.

6.  I don’t know what I want to be when “I grow up”. That’s why I grab onto my love for living abroad more than to anything else. I feel safe when I’m on the move. What has become pretty clear to me, is that my future is not in Finland. I’ve tried, believe me.

7. I tell about my life pretty openly in this blog. You’ll find out many random facts about me through my stories if you keep following Miss Fancypants!




  1. What made you start travel blogging?
    I’ve wanted to write a blog ever since blogs became a thing. I’ve always enjoyed writing but all my teachers in senior high always kept telling me how much I suck at writing and creating readable content so I lost all my interest in literature and writing.
    Then I grew a little older and realized I don’t have to be the next Dostojevsky, or the next Nobel prize winner, I realized I can just be happy and write crap about my life online. At first, I just wanted to tell about my experiences and observations basically to my friends and family.
    After a while I noticed  more people were reading my stuff than just my relatives (2 other people to be exact) so I decided to
    make Miss Fancypants public, and start writing things that might interest other like minded people. In my opinion there can never be too many happy crappy blogs that encourage other people to explore their surroundings too.

  2. What has been your best and worst travel experience?
    I have sooooo many good ones, but it’s easy to pick the worst: It was my month in Crete! I mean, I could say it was the time in Shanghai when I damaged my foot and everyone laughed at me at the ER, or the time when we missed a train in Xi’an and my wallet got stolen…But the worst definitely is CRETE. It’s a beautiful island, sure. But the part where I was, was boring and horrible and ugly and I hated everything. Why I hated everything? You can read about it here
  3. How do you like to travel? I.E Solo, in groups, with partner, family, budget or luxury?
    Considering my economical status, I prefer budget travel. Ha! “Prefer”…I’m FORCED TO CHOOSE BUDGET TRAVEL. But it’s ok. Because I love staying in hostels and AirBnBs, I like to get “closer” to the local life and make new friends in hostels.
    But let’s be real. I wouldn’t mind a luxury holiday. Who wouldn’t enjoy staying in a fancy hotel and not having to worry about money for a change.

    I’ve traveled solo, in groups, with a few friends, with my best friend, and with family (mum, dad, sister). All these come with pros and cons, but I think right now at this moment I’d travel somewhere with a small group. Let’s say me plus two-three. A group of 4 is not too big, and if two people want to do something else – the other two can do their own thing. Easy.
    In China, we traveled everywhere in a group of 11. And it made me want to kill myself. So I never want to experience that again. I’m not a herd animal. 

    I love traveling solo, I love it. But sometimes I’d like to get on the plane with friends and make memories with friends who I know I’m seeing again after the trip no matter what. I’m good at leaving people behind these days, and I kind of hate it.
    It’s difficult to love so many people and not see them everyday, some people I haven’t seen in over 5 years but my heart still beats for them. #WhatsSoAmazingAboutReallyDeepThoughts

  4. You’ve just arrived in a new country, you’ve dropped your bags off…What’s the first thing you do?

  5. What irritates you when traveling?
    Everything. Nooo jk jk jk.
    I’d like to say I’m not that easily irritated (although, recently I’ve started to realize I’m becoming an old grump), but when I travel I get super irritated by everything if I’m too tired, or if the weather’s not pleasing me. Or if I’m on my period.
    Ok, so, the thing is: The things that irritate me when I’m traveling, are the same things that irritate me when I’m not traveling. I’m much more laid back when I’m just chilling somewhere warm or exciting. But who wouldn’t be.

  6. If I was to say you can go anywhere in the world right now what’s the first country that pops into your head?
    Japan. Definitely. Has been on the top of my list since I was 14.
    That’s where’d go. Although, I wouldn’t say NO to the Maldives or Bali or Tahiti either…

  7. What was the biggest shock about travel blogging to you?
    Ummm…Hmmm, well nothing has really shocked me yet since I haven’t used this blog yet for marketing or anything super serious like that.
    But what has been super difficult for me is to make the site look interesting and easy to navigate (still haven’t mastered the art of wordpress #MissZeroExperienceInWebDesign) and also it’s super hard to get people to get interested about your stuff….SPEAKING OF WHICH,
    I’m gonna start making short videos soon. This way y’all would hear what kind of voice, and what kind of annoying personality is behind all these texts!
  8. What’s been the most frustrating thing about blogging for you?
    Like I said in the previous comment, it’s been hard to get people to read your stuff.
    If I want someone to comment on my post, I have to especially ask for it.
    But most of the time I’m OK just writing for myself, because I’m used to just talking to myself too. I’m the best company anyone can have if you ask me.

  9. What do you consider as your biggest achievement with your blog?
    Travel Plans for Miss Fancypants is just a hobby for me, for now. So there’s really no achievements to mention. Although, I managed to grow my Instagram following a little by adding more interesting stories to my pics. At least I’d like to think that’s the reason.
    I’d love to work with companies, travel agencies, other bloggers, youtubers, marketers, photographers, tour organizers….basically ANYONE who’d like my style and my ideas.

    But to get to that point, I need to get more readers. Which I sometimes get when I promote my blog loud and annoyingly.
  10. If you were stuck on a desert Island what three things would you have and why?
    A huge barrel of rum
    A pink sparkling tent with an inbuilt sleeping bag heheheh,
    Matches (i’d never be able to create fire in the survivor way)
    A Camera for my best “Castaway – Woke up like this” -selfies
    I’d like to have some type of pot or a pan for boiling water. You know, smartness.
    No but I also need a knife. And I probably also would like to have some toilet paper there too cos…you know. Omg. I’m gonna need way more stuff than just three things. It’s impossible to answer to this.
    Let’s just hope I’ll be fully equipped if I ever find myself on a desert island.

  11What should readers expect in the future from your blog?
New content every week, new categories (more stories about Finland)
and hopefully soon, VIDEOS! I just have to figure out how to edit videos and how to  look pretty while talking. And how to talk without stuttering. SO MANY NEW THINGS TO LEARN!!!!!

                AND NOW TO MY NOMINATIONS!!!!!!

I haven’t read any new blogs recently, and the blogs I’m following have all been nominated for the Liebster Award already. But after a little research and crying in Facebook, some people turned their blogs in and now I can happily announce these 5 lovely blogs/bloggers who I want to nominate for the award!

2. Wings of Wanderlust
3. Krazy Butterfly
4. Grey’s Travels
5. Lizzie’s Restless Feet

My dear nominees, I’ve read your blogs and checked your websites and I think you all are interesting and cool AF, and would like to even collaborate someday with you!
I hope you like my questions and you come up with exciting answers!



1. If you could pick any character from any TV-show or a movie to travel with you, who would it be?
2.Think about your best travel memory. Do you have a certain song that always takes you back there?
3. What is the best place/ best way to meet new people while traveling solo?
4. What advice would you give to someone who’s never traveled ANYWHERE before but would like to start exploring the world?
5. Have you ever struggled with something but survived as a winner? Conquered a fear? Gotten more confident about something? What would you say to someone who’s going through something similar?

6. Aladdin calls you and tells you can borrow his magic carpet for the weekend.
Where’d you go?
7. Aladdin finally brings you the magic carpet and to your surprise Genie tags along. He’s in a super friendly mood and offers you three wishes. What are your wishes?
8. What superpower would you have if you could choose and why?
9. If there was a movie about your life, who’d play you and what would the movie be called?
10. Last question: Say something wonderful and uplifting to your readers



So, my beloved Fancypants-readers, it’s time again to say bye for a while.
I hope you enjoyed my blabbering once more, and we’ll be back in a few days with a new post!

Until then,



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