STORYTIME: The Curious Case of Summer 2018

The year is coming to an end, and once again this blog has been pretty dead for the majority of the year. I have been updating my social media instead.
A lot has happened – for example, I have a boyfriend now!!!! And above all: the guy is the love of my life!
But, this post is not about love. It’s about anything but love.

I’ve been very open about my life on Instagram, and most of you already know that this past summer, and my latest contract as a chief entertainer didn’t go as planned.

It’s pretty safe to say that NOTHING worked out the way I wanted this season, and all in all everything that happened there left me pretty damaged.
I’m not defeated, but I’m a little wounded.

I decided to write this little piece for you to get a better idea on what really happens behind the scenes of ” the happiest job in the world”.
I want you guys to know, especially all the young girls out there, what you should be prepared for if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in tourism.
The job is not just all smiles, fun and amazing new friends – it’s also tears, stress and some serious mental asylum drama.

I’ve been writing this little essay for about 3-4 months now, but still somehow the words don’t come out the way I want, and the story is too long.
I want to take you on a journey to the world of all the things that can go wrong when you’re forced to work with the worst possible people. A world, where all the worst case scenarios come to life.

So, without any further ado,
WELCOME TO MARIA STORYTIME! – The last post of 2018.
With this post, I can leave all the horrors of the summer behind me once and for all – and focus on much better, much funnier, and much more AWESOME blog articles in 2019.

Let’s start.
The funniest and the saddest thing about this season was that 80% of my problems were caused by men.
Men who are older than me, with more life experience, with their own families and with excessive work experience. Still, somehow, these guys managed to ruin my summer and the job that once was my dream job.

I have never had problems with guys at work. My bosses have been powerful yet respecting, inspiring and trusting. People who I can look up to and learn something from. But things were different now.

When I asked for help, I was told to wait.
When I presented my ideas, I wasn’t being taken seriously.
When I told my managers about the problems of my team – they didn’t believe me.
I was told I’m a product and have to use my body and smile to make people write good reviews.
I was told I can’t handle some simple tasks since I’m not a man.

When I had a meeting with my boss and some guys who were causing problems in my team – I wasn’t being listened to – but the guys started talking about soccer and the problems were forgotten.

I felt pretty powerless already after a few weeks of work, as I was told and reminded every single day that I’m the worst entertainer the hotel has ever seen. The managers were plotting on replacing me, as they thought that all the problems in the entertainment area were caused by me.

I’m a firm believer of being honest and kind – but these two traits were skillfully used against me – as these are seen as stupidity in the world of tourist entertainment. “You have to be a bitch” said the only woman of the management team after the men had basically called me a fat whore.

Now, I’m going to tell you three of my favorite stories of the season.
These stories are about guys who came to my hotel to work, and basically ruined everything for me, my team, the hotel, the company and themselves.

CASE 1: A 36-yo guy with a wife and a kid
Doesn’t speak any English. Is a professional dancer in his home country.
Comes to Greece to work in a hotel with minimum salary – is above everyone else because he’s the greatest show man.
Brings the family to the hotel, to our apartment. Thinks one of the girls in my team will happily become the babysitter. Doesn’t understand one single thing I tell him. And doesn’t want to talk to hotel quests because it’s not his job.

Problem: After all of the above, the guy chose to run around the hotel telling the managers how my ideas for the program and posters are bad, and his are better. He told my team members to tell (something?) about me to our own manager. I tried to confront him about it – but he didn’t understand what I told him. Also, he simply didn’t realize he can’t bring the baby to work or to our shows. Bottom line was that he’s the greatest showman and greatest dancer in the world. (But was only able to create choreography for latin music, nothing else. HA! SHADEEEEEEEEE!)
Solution: Our manager was very fond of him and sure of his talent. So, his destiny was in a bigger better hotel where he could be the star and wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

2. CASE: 41-yo guy who said he’s been on a tv show in the states

Speaks English…a little. Still doesn’t understand me, and I don’t understand him. Is a professional dancer in his home country. Comes to Greece to work in a hotel with minimum salary – is above everyone else because he’s the greatest showman. Yep. Same story.
ONLY THIS TIME, the problem was much bigger….this guy came to the hotel thinking he is the boss. He probably was promised to replace me, but I wasn’t having it.
Talking to him was heavy and depressing, time consuming and scary. He managed to make my team feel awful after our shows together. Trying to work with him was impossible, and our chemistries didn’t match at all. This guy wasn’t going to take my job.

The thing about tourist entertainment is, the dancers are the royalty of the industry. Apparently it’s the only way to make people happy. In my brain, it takes a variety of different skills and different people to create watchable, enjoyable entertainment – not only lipsyncing and average dancing.
But….you know, I’m wrong. It’s just and only about that.
And this is why this person was in our hotel, to create exactly that for us.
And as I am stupid, I didn’t take it. Also because the guy was freaking me the crap out.

I told him it was better for him to change hotel. And after I said those words out loud, the whole hell broke loose.
He started calling me a racist. (He was originally from Nigeria.) He told that to all the receptionists in the hotel, the managers and my boss.
In his mind, there was no other reason for me to dislike him than his skin color. I was astounded. I couldn’t even respond to his accusation.
For the first time in my life someone was accusing me for something so big, and awful, and for what?
Only for me to look bad in the bigger picture.

I was alone with him in the backroom of the hotel. He stood tall in front of me and looked at me with a stinging stare – “You will tell our manager that you’re a racist and nothing bad happens”
I said ok, because I was scared as hell – and also because I knew my boss would NEVER believe such a stupid childish disrespectful and low accusation of me.

Later my boss called me and asked what happened. He already knew what the guy had said about me and laughed about his stupidity. I told him I need the guy gone – not only professional reasons anymore – but also for everyone’s safety at this point.

We had a huge meeting, where eventually everyone found out that this guy was a mental case and had even been to prison. He got fired instantly.
He got a permission to stay in the hotel for a few days more – and during those days I was sure that he’d kill me. I had never ever been so scared.
And all this – ALL OF THIS – just because he didn’t want to give up a job working in a crappy hotel, doing shows for a shit stage, with the smallest amount of money ever.
Well, he was the real winner here still. Because he didn’t even really have to work, but he still got his salary plus his flight tickets in cash. So what he took out form all of this mess was a 1000€–
and I got a panic attack, and the hotel started hating me even more. Lol.

CASE 3: A 30-yo guy with a wife and a kid
This is a good one!
There was this guy who was super sweet and nice at first. Amazing athlete, amazing people person, horrible terrible stage performer.
But the social and athletic side of him was exactly what we needed in the hotel. I gave him a lot of freedom, since people liked him and he seemed like a stand up guy!

Then…things started going down. He started training like he was in the army or something. And above all that, he decided to take some hormones or supplements of some sort in the mix, and getting drunk at work.
He started acting weird, he had red eyes every day, he walked weird and basically looked and behaved like the terminator.

He started hooking up with hotel guests. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
And yup, he was married. Or engaged. Anyway.
The wife would call him and he’d assure her he’s not doing anything wrong.
He’d call her and yell at her for going out with her friends.

His terminator behavior continued. And got much worse. He kept on hooking up with all the girls. He started to act weird around other guests.
He started smelling BAD – I learned later he didn’t even own a tooth brush, or that he didn’t know how to wash his clothes.

One day I even got an email from one of his alleged hook-ups, saying that the guy basically threatened her after she didn’t want to touch him (you go girl!!!!) or to continue going out with him. The girl told me she wanted to write about him on tripadvisor – but i asked her not to, since it would’ve destroyed me as well. I should’ve let that happen…but I was an idiot.
We didn’t afford to lose another team member since there were no replacements, and no-one would’ve even cared – since the guy was the golden boy in the eyes of the management.

But only me and my team knew the truth.
We couldn’t use him in any of our shows, since he had no capability to sing, dance, act or even TALK IN AN EFFIN MICROPHONE. He didn’t care about anything or anyone. He borrowed money from us and never payed it back.
He walked around in dirty broken smelly clothes.
One day he even SPIT in our staircase and I almost stepped on it.
The final thing that pushed me over the edge and started the ultimate fight fest was when he broke one of our speakers, while he drunkenly smashed it on the floor.

One day I had had enough. I told him, it would be better for him to change hotel.
He got so upset his eyes turned red immediately and he looked like a bull.
He screamed and moved around like he was an assassin or something.

We went to our backstage to have a little chat, and as I thought we could talk about this issue like grown ups,
it turned into a gangster/mafia meeting with him trying to threaten me into not saying anything about his mistakes to anyone. He told me all the men who previously got relocated or fired didn’t do anything wrong, that I had made everything up cos I hate men. And he said he will tell everyone that he’s done nothing wrong either. That I’m making everything up this time too, because I hate him because he is a man.

As I’m writing this I’m laughing. Like what the hell for real.
These guys turned me into a brain dead man-hating racist.
I’ll start marketing myself with that slogan.

Anyway, the situation continued. It was just the two of us at our backstage. He stood up tall and scary right in front of me. “Why is this happening to me”, I remember thinking as I was sure he’d kill me.
And seriously, one slap from this guy – and I would’ve ended up in hospital… or worse.
I was so scared. But I calmly just took my phone from my pocket, and immediately called my boss.

Now, you would think that the guy got transferred or fired right?
Nope. Somehow he was the victim, and got to stay until the end of his contract.


Why DID I stay…is something that I asked myself pretty frequently.
I didn’t care about the money, that’s for sure. Entertainment, creating shows, being in charge of everything, making things ME, comedy, musicals, smiles…these things are all ME. And based on my previous experiences in entertainment and events – I have all the strengths on producing excellent entertainment.
After every setback, I kept on telling myself that things will get better and I’ll have the team of my dreams and the shows of my dreams and that if I just keep pushing I’ll reach my goals.
But as weeks and months started going by and getting only worse and worse, I stopped believing – but I was still trying.
After a while I decided I wouldn’t leave for the sake of my team, as some of them had become my friends.
I wasn’t the best leader – I never had the option to even become one, I was just the human figure they use as a target at a gun range- , but I knew my replacement would’ve been even worse. So I stayed.
I can now say I produced and directed a few hotel entertainment shows, and I’m 55% proud of myself.

There were many times this summer, and also the summer before,
that in a horrible situation – the man is always the winner.
In the world of tourism women are seen as stupid, powerless and worthless little girls who are there for everyone’s entertainment and judgement, unless they’re furious rage machines who run on cocaine.

Why? Men don’t have to be afraid of anything. With the right words, right amount of power and right expressions they get what they need, as we saw this summer. Befriending the bosses, threatening women, spreading rumors, faking a smile – these are the ways to get what you want.

I need to be afraid for my job, my reputation, my future, my body, my life.

Oh diary. This summer truly was a wake up call for me.
I can’t be shocked by anything anymore. Things happen. Life goes on.

I continue to learn about life and myself,
and if anyone is going through the same things as I was, please, reach out.
I want to help. Let’s have our own boys club.

I finally got this shit off my shoulders, at least some of it. I had to make a lot of cuts…THANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH ME, THANK YOU FOR READING MY SUMMER 2018 SUPER COOL EXPERIENCE XOXOXO

I hope the year 2019 is going to be good for everyone, with reaching your goals, finding new loves, eating good food and living your best life.

xoxoxo, miss fancypants


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