1 Dollar Glamour Travel – The Why’s and How’s of Traveling on a Budget

Today we’re talking about something a lot of people have been curious about.
Funny thing is, I cant! Ta’dah!
I always just work abroad and only choose to show you the glamorous side of my journey.
And this is where we come to the real point of my text: traveling isn’t all that luxurious as social media gurus makes it seem like. It’s so much more than that.
If you’re feeling the pressures social media travel influencers are setting for us common folk, (how to look fresh and fit while traveling, how to take the best travel photos, what to wear to have more likes on your travel photos) – fear not! YOU CAN ALSO TRAVEL WITHOUT STYLE and WITHOUT TONS MONEY!


Traveling is now more affordable, accessible and easier than ever.
Still many people review traveling as a luxury only a few can have.
Or, even more tragically, traveling is seen only as a way to boost one’s ego – like traveling is something to be bragged about.

Also, Instagram is full of Chanel washed models living their best lives in millionaire underwater mansions in the Maldives, celebrities posting photos from their private yachts, travel influencers promoting retreats in Bali from private jets…and the story goes on and on and on…So I kinda get it.
It’s easy to think that this is what travel is supposed to be. High Class Everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing this way of life. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, I want to live that life too!!
That beautiful, expensive, glitter glazed life….aahhh..but I can’t.
So I’ve got to find my way around it.

I’m writing this post, because I want you to realize it too. YOU CAN TRAVEL EVEN IF YOU’RE BROKE! You can travel even if you’re an average joe like me!
You don’t have to choose the expensive 5 star way when you travel – there are plenty of affordable alternatives! You can travel with technically zero money if you just get a little creative!

mark your calendars(1)

People always wonder how I can afford all this travel, or ask me how someone else can.

I can’t speak for the others, but I can speak for myself, and the answer is:
I can’t afford shit.
That’s why you don’t see me on private Serengeti safaris or taking selfies on a business class during a flight to nowhere.

Not yet anyway.

“Then why even travel if you have to plan your budget so carefully?
For some people it’s quite difficult to understand, that not everyone travels for luxury, and that traveling doesn’t mean 5 star lodging, dinners at Michelin restaurants or the most expensive TripAdvisor #1 tours.
It is, in fact, possible to travel modestly.

My instagram may sometimes seem glamorous when I’m abroad, but that’s only because I don’t post pictures of me walking round town in my sweaty work uniform,
or pictures of me crying cos my bank card didn’t work so I can’t buy shampoo.

I post pictures from the pool that had free entry to if I bought something (had an ice tea for 2โ‚ฌ). #Blessed
I post pictures from the party where they served vodka to our tables which I didn’t pay for. #Lit
And I post pictures of that expensive ass meal I bought because I’m a little fatty and because of which I can’t buy anyone souvenirs. #GordonRamsayAintShit

Bottom line is: I don’t make a lot of money.
The few extra coins that I sometimes have, I use on travel.
People use their extra money on things that make them happy.
I’m happy when I’m going somewhere.

With careful planning you can achieve miracles! The world is out there!

– just choose your destination, form of transportation, and accommodation wisely.
Heck, you can even go to a neighbor city for a weekend – that still counts as travel!

Traveling doesn’t have to be all glamorous, and it usually isn’t.
It’s sweaty, messy and ugly.
But still oh so wonderful.
Find out your own way to travel.
I describe my travel style as 1 Dollar Glamour Travel –
where I’m trying to find the prettiest and coolest things my destination has to offer with as little money as possible, while trying to be hip and fab without designer clothes.

I don’t care if I have to use public transport at the destination – at least I get to see the city through locals’ eyes!
I don’t care if I have to book the cheapest flights to where ever I’m going – at least I’m going!
I don’t care if I can’t eat our in fancy restaurants every night during my stay – I get to check out the hidden gems!
I don’t care if my outfits are not instagram worthy “outfit of the day”-material – at least I have something to wear! And at least I can take some pictures!

For me the “glamour” comes in experiencing things I wouldn’t experience without the help of traveling. It’s the 3 euro glass of wine in a tiny unknown pub,
it’s the glitter key chain I bought from a street vendor,
it’s watching the sun rise above a new city.

mark your calendars

Most importantly: I TRAVEL BECAUSE I CAN.
I’m not travelingย  to show off, I travel because I want the world to show something to ME.
Seeing the world should open our minds, broaden our horizon, teach us new things about new places, new people and new cultures.

If I loved expensive ass shoes as much as I love traveling – I’d do all in my power to buy a few pairs a year. If I was a fan of culinary arts, I’d spend all my money on exotic meals.
If I was an audiophile, I’d use all my savings for rare vinyls.
We all have our addictions – mine is travel.
If travel is something you want to do as well, if seeing the world is your goal – don’t let anything stop you from achieving it.

xoxo Gossip Girl


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