“Miss Fancypants” is the author’s traveling alter ego.
Miss Fancypants views travelling and living abroad from a humorous angle. We don’t have to take everything so seriously.

For example, I’m gonna tell you how to:
survive from a smelly squat toilet when you’re black out drunk,
how to eat disgusting food and pretend to like it,
and how to handle life abroad even if everything goes to shit

My main goal is to inspire other people, especially young women, into conquering their fears and “stepping out of their comfort zones” and jumping into adventures.

New places, new foods,  new cultures, and traveling alone might be unpleasant or even a bit scary ideas for some –
but Miss Fancypants is here to assure you: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! #SLAY



I moved to England when I finished senior high in 2009. I was nineteen and thought my life as an au pair would be the greatest thing ever.
Well, things got pretty fucked up quite quickly and I had to come back home. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop me from dreaming of a life abroad.
I started studying tourism and those studies took me exploring China, working in Mallorca, and to a few short trips around Europe.
When I was close to graduating I got an actual job from Mallorca as a singer/entertainer and spent the most amazing season ever in the island of dreams. As you can see, I’m not a super seasoned traveler just yet. But I have a dream. I have a vision.
I lived 1,5 years in Boston and in 2017 I’m moving to Crete, Greece.

Panda bears, Disney, Dolphins, Swimming, The Sea, Music, Ice Cream, Writing, Instagram, Selfies, Glow sticks,
Stupid Comedies, Bad Jokes, the Office, Making People Laugh, Writing Lists Like This…

Math. People who whisper when there are other people around. People who take things too seriously. Closed mindedness. Bad smells. Judging.

I want to learn produce amazing text. Maybe even take some courses of modern journalism or comedy writing (and that’s what I kinda did already, but I want more).

I want to have my own voice and do the things people said I’m not good enough to do.
Traveling has always been THE thing for me, and now that I can actually live abroad I can’t see an end to this path.
I’ve come a long way to this point where I am now and I’m quite happy of all the decisions I’ve made so far.
Everything we do leads us to something big in our lives. My dream is that my “something big” is making most of my dreams come true. I hope my experiences could inspire someone to stop wondering and start doing their own thing.

This is so true! My husband and I are about to begin our new journey as we head south to Florida next week! We are very excited!

I hope you would enjoy my slowly evolving blog and I’d highly appreciate if you could leave some feedback, suggestions, links to your own sites, and whatever on the comments!
See you!

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