Working In Tourism: “Everyone is FAKE”

  Let’s start with a few wise words from Urban Dictionary: “Fake people are people who will act like your friend but the truth is that  they are back stabbers they will talk behind your back and say the rudest things about  you. Yet when they see you they act like your best friend.” “A person, the vast majority of the time a female, who acts too nice to be real in order  to lure in pathetic dopes and use/betray them, frequently crushing the victim’s soul in  the process. Symptoms of fakeness include wearing a huge, phony, Botox-looking smile the entire time, saying “Hiiiiii! How are you!” a lot, using an overly  sweet tone of voice that’s so dripping with sap it makes you want to vomit,  and just generally being overly perky all the time.  A fake chooses her victims very carefully, usually very naive individuals,  waits until the victim has divulged their deepest, darkest secrets,  then spreads them all over…”. Wow. Now that is some Mean Girls-stuff right there. If being fake means being Regina George, why do people ask me if I’m fake? Have you seen the movie? OBVIOUSLY I’m not as … More Working In Tourism: “Everyone is FAKE”

Working in Hotel Entertainment – A threat or an opportunity?

Entertainment, animation, activity guide – the job goes with many titles and some entertainers even call it their dream job. I mean, what’s there not to love? You get to spend your days in the sun, meet new people, play a little music and play sports all day long. It definitely does sound like the … More Working in Hotel Entertainment – A threat or an opportunity?